Even if the sun didn’t deign to come out of its hiding place, the second edition of the DIH ON TOUR is now officially launched. On Tuesday, the bus chartered by the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub made a stop in Hosingen – the  first of the nine stops planned for the 2022 edition.

This first session was devoted to the theme of artificial intelligence, which Franck-Alexandre Salleban-Besone, Business Developer at DataThings, defined as “a set of technologies, combined with automation and advanced methods, that can help manufacturers maximise their productivity… It is a combination of tools and not a solution by itself or just software.”

As the “new oil”, data is more than ever the centre of attention. “Artificial intelligence is about data, which can be images, words, numbers, clicks… anything that can be digitised. It is then possible to learn something from any kind of data.”

Mr Salleban-Besone’s talk also somewhat demystified artificial intelligence (AI), which still suffers from the image of a complex and expensive process. “It is possible to start small and simple by tackling the main problems. There is no need to replace existing production or IT equipment: in general, companies have 80% of what they need.”

He emphasised the importance of the human factor in implementing an AI approach, which requires collaboration between all parties involved. “Employees are the key for guaranteeing that the necessary implementations do not generate turbulence in production or in IT,” he underlined.

B-Medical Systems shines internationally

This first stop of the DIH ON TOUR, which also provided opportunities for more technical exchanges between participants, also included a visit to the company B Medical Systems, which hosted the yellow bus.

The company specialises in the manufacture and worldwide distribution of quality medical devices for the transport and storage of vaccines, blood products and other laboratory samples. “We have about 35,000 devices worldwide, of which more than 27,000 are currently connected and active,” explained Thierry Goniva, Chief Technology Officer of B Medical Systems.

The tour followed the production process from the delivery of raw materials to the packaging of finished products, ready to be shipped to customers.

The DIH ON TOUR continues this week in Lentzweiler (Wednesday 21 September), Wiltz (22), then next week in Fridhaff (27), Steinsel (28) and Potaschberg (29) before finishing the following week in Contern (4 October), Pétange (5) and Dudelange (6).


Photos: Sophie Margue / Luxinnovation

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