The Eco-Innovation Observatory updated its guide to eco-innovation addressed to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The booklet overviews emerging business opportunities eco-innovation and circular economy have to offer to companies that reconsider business models, develop new products, technologies or services, or improve production processes. The guide summarises key business issues, questions and lessons learnt for SMEs as well as presents selected eco-innovation good practices.

This guide is divided into six sections. The opening chapter introduces the concepts of eco-innovation and circular economy. The focus then shifts to the key issues, challenges and opportunities of eco-innovation for SMEs. The guide includes sections on:

  • business model and value proposition
  • process eco-innovation
  • product eco-innovation
  • getting eco-innovations on the market
  • online resources for eco-innovation.

This guide is addressed above all to companies that have not yet embarked on any eco-innovation activity, but are interested in exploring the potential offered by eco-innovation for their business or new business idea. The publication will be equally useful for business support organisations providing—or planning to provide—eco-innovation support and coaching services to SMEs.

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Discovering Luxembourg


Hills, forests and unique rock formations, medieval castles, UNESCO World Heritage sites and places that witnessed the birth and key progress of the European Union: Luxembourg has much to offer the curious visitor. This truly cosmopolitan country with a long tradition of welcoming people from abroad also provides old and new residents with an excellent quality of life.
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Investor care platform


Investing abroad is a challenging endeavour. In case you are interested in opening an office or setting up a global or European headquarters in Luxembourg, the partners of Luxembourg Trade & Invest offer a range of high-quality, free services to support you every step of the way and help make your venture a success.
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A gateway for Europe


South African national Richard Forson, President and CEO of Cargolux Airlines International, has been living in Luxembourg since 2012. We spoke to him about his experience of living and working in Luxembourg.
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700 road mobility companies in Luxembourg


A recent mapping of Luxembourg’s automotive sector covers no less than 700 mobility companies, ranging from large international groups to numerous SMEs and disruptive start-ups.
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SecurityScorecard develops business from Luxembourg


SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, has been operating in Luxembourg to develop its business on the local and European market. Hosted by accelerator Tomorrow Street, the company adds a new component to the country’s internationally renowned cybersecurity ecosystem.
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