Japan is one of the most important business destinations. In spring 2017, Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Étienne Schneider, paid a visit exclusively dedicated to the space sector.  For this next edition, it will be a strong Luxembourg delegation that will travel to the “Land of the Rising Sun” for a “multi-sectoral” economic mission which will take place from November 26 to December 1, 2017.

The audio visual (in particular cartoons), automotive, ICT, logistics, sustainable finance, space and tourism sectors will be at the heart of the delegation’s concerns, which will be led by Étienne Schneider and his counterpart, Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna, accompanied by the Secretary of State for the Economy, Francine Closener.

With a GDP of 5,106 billion dollars (source: IMF) in 2017, Japan ranks 3rd among the richest economies, behind the US (19.377 billion) and China (12.362 billion) and contributes about 20% to the global R & D budget.

In the midst of an economic revival over the last decade, Japan, which has profoundly revised its business model and internationalisation strategy, is looking for high-quality products and innovative services in many sectors most notably automotive, ICT, nanotechnology, energy, environment and life sciences .

During this mission, there will be a general presentation of Luxembourg and the advantages of its economy which will also be attended by the Director General of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Carlo Thelen.

Throughout the four days of the mission, workshops will be organised around the themes of logistics, ICT and tourism. More specifically, Pierre Gramegna will participate in a conference on sustainable finance, while Étienne Schneider will be attending a conference on space mining and space commercialisation.

A specific « Digital Economy » seminar will also take place. This conference, animated by David Foy, Head of Sector Development, Digital Economy, Luxinnovation, will bring together high level players in Digital Economy from both countries and encourage knowledge sharing and networking between Corporate Executives, Departmental Heads and Technology Managers. Through presentations and discussions on highly relevant topics such as big data, High Performance Computing, connected cars and devices, you will learn about the current state-of-the-art innovation in Japan and Luxembourg and how this work will enhance our lives in the future.

Visits are also planned to the world headquarters of FANUC Corporation (with its European headquarters in Luxembourg) and the Toyota research center, as well as at the International Robot Exhibition (Irex) and System Control Fair.

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Developing technology for industry


Supporting businesses with their R&D projects and helping them speed up prototyping and market introduction is central for the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST). LIST’s Sustainable Biotech Innovation Centre cooperates with companies on their development of bio-based products and bioprocesses.
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Industry-oriented research: the synergy approach


Performing research in close collaboration with companies is essential for Luxembourg’s research institutes. We spoke to Professor Djamila Aouada at the University of Luxembourg about how the expertise of her team can support industry and their motivation to work in partnership with the private sector.
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Where research excellence and innovation go hand in hand


In a few decades, Luxembourg has built a competitive research ecosystem with a strong orientation towards innovation. The government promotes science as a way to rise to economic and societal challenges, and the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) provides funding that stimulates research excellence and builds bridges with the private sector.
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Learning maths the digital way


Digital education start-up Magrid reflects both Luxembourg’s digital expertise and its highly international population. Magrid’s innovative digital solution that helps children improve their cognitive, visual-spatial, and mathematical abilities without requiring them to speak any specific language attracts much interest from abroad. The company now uses Luxembourg as the base for its international expansion.
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Luxembourg attracts foreign direct investment


After two years with less incorporations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, foreign direct investment is picking up speed again. We spoke to Jenny Hällen Hedberg, Head of International Business Development, and Jean-Michel Ludwig, Director Business Development at Luxinnovation, about the developments in Luxembourg and why international companies come here.
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