This emergency fund was set up in order to provide immediate and non-refundable financial aid in the form of a grant of 5,000 euros, intended for:

This aid is being granted independently of the draft law, which will supplement the existing aid packages.

In the event that the applicant is the economic beneficiary of several companies, he will be able to apply for aid for only one of the companies, provided that the total number of employees of the single company (group) does not exceed a total of 9 ( full-time jobs).

Details of the supporting documents to be provided and the link to download the form are available via the website.

Photo: SIP/Julien Warnand

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COVID-19: Mobilisation of R&D at all levels


Faced with the global COVID-19 pandemic, institutional and private players in research, development and innovation are stepping forward. The first results are already tangible.
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DigiJourney: tools for digitalisation tailored to SMEs


As part of the “Digital transformation journey for SMEs” initiative, Luxinnovation collaborates with FundecytPCTEX (ES) and SC IPA SA (RO). The objective is to publish a guide with tools to help other innovation agencies and organisations to drive digitalisation in companies.
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Luxembourg launches unprecedented economic stabilisation programme


In response to the economic challenges arising from the coronavirus crisis, the Luxembourg government announced on 25 March 2020 the launch of a massive stabilisation programme for the national economy. Measures for a total of €8.8 billion will help companies face the immediate shortage of cash and maintain employment.
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SNCI takes anti-crisis measures


La Société Nationale de Crédit et d’Investissement a annoncé un assouplissement des conditions de remboursement de tous ses prêts et crédits, ainsi que la mise en œuvre d’un mécanisme de financement adapté.
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Launch of the JobSwitch platform


Jobswitch is a platform to connect businesses in need of manpower with people who are on unemployment, partially unemployed, or self-employed and looking for work.
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