Five Luxembourg companies are highlighted in the 2017 edition of the report “London Stock Exchange Group’s 1,000 Companies to Inspire Europe”.

The report focuses on private companies with a revenue of €20-30 million that have not been incorporated over the past four years and whose net assets have not deteriorated with more than 20% over the past three years. The 1,000 companies quoted in the report have also experienced an average growth rate of over 100% in three years.

“This report is more than just a celebration of these extremely successful companies. It continues to demonstrate what we instinctively know to be true – that these companies are the best hope for future European economic growth and job creation,” says Xavier Rolet, the CEO of the London Stock Exchange Group, in his introduction. “Never have their prospects been so vital to the future of the post-Brexit European economy.”

In this 2017 report, the five highlighted companies are, in alphabetical order: CK, CEL, Grosbusch, Mannelli & Associés and Voyage Emile Weber.

CK – The company was founded right after the second world war by Charles Kieffer who named it with his own initials. Initially focusing on photography, printing, photocopying and audiovisual systems, it currently specialises in the global management of print solutions. The group employs 170 people and has also diversified by setting up a sports centre.


CEL – Set up in 1945, Comptoire Electrotechnique Luxembourg initially installed and distributed technical equipment. The company was for long time known as a wholesaler of electric and electronic equipment, but has now evolved to offering high value added services in three specific fields: IT and unified communications; security and building technologies; and secure and efficient electrical energy.


Marcel Grosbusch & Fils – This family firm was founded just 100 years ago by Jean-Pierre Grosbusch and is a major player in the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetable in Luxembourg. Since a few years ago the company operates in the Greater Region and has close to 200 employees. It recently inaugurated a brand new warehouse of 12,000 m2 to pursue its development and set up a training centre for the handling of fruit and vegetables.


Mannelli & Associé – Founded in 1952 by electrician Tino Manelli who then employed four people, the company is today active in the fields of security, communication and building control management. Since 1971 it is managed by the founder’s son, Remo. It currently employs a staff of 160.


Voyages Emile Weber – This is one of the oldest family firms in Luxembourg, founded in 1875 by Nikolas Weber-Reiland who owned one single carriage. Today, the company has extended its activities to also comprise tourism. It employs almost a thousand people and has a fleet of 450 vehicles. Between 2015 and 2017 it experienced strong, in particular external growth which allowed it to double its staff.

According to the document published by the London Stock Exchange, the average growth rate of these five companies has been of 10% over the past three years.

The preceding edition of the study published in 2016 also presented five Luxembourg SMEs, which already included Marcel Grosbusch & Fils. The four others were Alcuilux Desoz (, one of the European leaders in the production of deoxidation aluminium), Jost Group (, transports and logistics), NFM Trading (, production and distribution of prime grade zinc alloys) and Prefalux (, construction of wood structure buildings).


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