After a longer break, an interregional meeting of the Wood Cluster from the Greater Region took place on Tuesday, 12 July 2022. Together with representatives of Holzkompetenzzentrum Rheinland, Holzbaucluster Rheinland-Pfalz and WFG Ostbelgien VoG, the Wood Cluster Luxembourg – led by Ralf Köhler – met in the Eifel to discuss joint cross-border activities and projects.

Accompanied by professionals from the local administration, the first stop was a tour of the interim school in Prüm; a high-quality building that is currently being constructed in standardised timber modules.

Circular building methods were taken into account here from the very beginning. In keeping with the motto of recyclability with ecological materials, the use of cross-laminated timber for modular, temporary as well as reconstructable buildings, was clear to see.

Beneficial for Luxembourg

Joint project initiatives were defined at the kick-off meeting. For example, Luxembourg’s participation in the Eifel Timber Construction Award, a technical excursion on the production and application of highly flexible standard construction beams made of CLT, as well as cooperative approaches to the increased use of hardwood in the construction sector.

“Personally,  I am very enthusiastic about incorporating the know-how and experience of the Greater Region players into the development of innovative projects of the Luxembourg Wood Cluster”, Ralf Köhler stated. “A merger of interregional competences with a focus on wood construction can only be beneficial for Luxembourg.”

Innovative projects in progress will be pursued and facilitated by the development of further joint actions.. This applies in particular to operational product innovations, resource-efficient use of wood and wood in short circuits.

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The "Petite maison" officially inaugurated


The result of intense collaborative work, this building erected in Belval is a model in terms of circularity and... deconstruction.
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Joint call High Performance Computing: information sessions


A webinar series will explain how to prepare applications in order to respond to the joint call for HPC projects.
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DIH ON TOUR, here we go!


Officially presented at the end of August, the second season of the touring initiative aimed at promoting industry 4.0 officially started this Tuesday in Hosingen.
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Phoenix: a European project coordinated by LIST


The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology leads the research coordination of an open innovation test bed for the preclinical phases of developing nano-pharmaceuticals.
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A permanent shop for On.perfekt


The On.perfekt cooperative, which participates to the Circular by Design Challenge, will implement its basic project at the beginning of September 2022: opening a permanent shop to sell fruit and vegetables that do not necessarily correspond to the standards found in traditional shops.
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