In order to breathe life into this project and make it as effective as possible, the City of Luxembourg organised a “Zukunftswerkstatt Porte de Hollerich” (workshop on the future of the Porte de Hollerich). This was an interactive workshop that brought together around 50 participants, representing both public and private organisations to plan the development of this future eco-district in the best way.

Luxinnovation participated in this workshop through two of its clusters, the EcoInnovation Cluster and the Wood Cluster. In this way, Luxinnovation was able to bring its knowledge in terms of innovative products and processes in these two sectors and, in return, to collect relevant information from other experts on the projects and approaches under consideration. The topics of water treatment and waste or energy were discussed on this occasion.

The “Hollerich Village” project was presented in March 2013. Taken on by the City of Luxembourg and supported by a number of private groups (notably the real estate developer Schuler, the Polaris architects-urbanists firm, the international NGO BioRegional, the office of Goblet Lavandier & Associés or the Fondation natur & ëmwelt), it plans to transform some 3.6 hectares of land located at the southern entrance of the capital into a process of urban, energy and environmental transition. The objective is to build a pilot eco-district, offering a high quality of life to its inhabitants while drastically reducing their environmental impact.

It is expected that 100% of the thermal needs will be self-produced on site, as well as 20% of the electrical needs. Hundreds of new homes should also have green roofs and sustainable wood and 50% of building materials will come from a 150km radius around the site.

“This project is a concrete opportunity to implement innovative concepts in the field of materials and energy flow as well as water management”, says Charles-Albert Florentin, Cluster Manager EcoInnovation.

Last October, the general development plan of the City of Luxembourg was finally approved, so that this project will now be able to move to a more concrete stage of development. A working meeting must be held in January between the different landowners and the public decision-makers.

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Esch-Schifflange: the city of the future begins to emerge


As part of the national project for regeneration of more than 60 ha of Arcelor Mittal brownfields in Esch-Schifflange, with the aim of creating an eco-district, the Agora development company tasked Luxinnovation with initiating a process to identify innovative technologies, services and products. The first brainstorming session was held at the beginning of July.
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MyMedBot a virtual companion for patients with a life-threatening chronic condition


MyMedBot is a virtual personal assistant which empowers young people who live with a life-threatening chronic condition to fully live their life without fear. Through our mobile application, a MyMedBot user can pre-emptively setup an emergency plan and have the peace of mind that the right people will know how to help when they need to – no matter if in a classroom or on a night out.
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Place your ads at the right time with Metri


Metri allows companies to save money and increase conversions by showing the right ads at the right time.
Companies can use triggers like weather data, stock market data, or website activity to automatically pause/un-pause ads or increase/decrease bids.
For example, a food delivery company could show more ads on a rainy day or show more “buy bitcoins” ads when the price of Bitcoin is low.

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New BTS "Gaming" and "IoT" at Arts et Métiers


The Lycée des Arts et Métiers (College of Arts and Crafts) in Luxembourg will enrich its offer in September, with three new BTS courses dedicated to gaming and the Internet of Things, two areas which point to more and more opportunities on the employment market.
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Luxembourg ranked 2nd worldwide in the latest 2018 Innovation efficiency ratio


The major Global Innovation Index strengths of Luxembourg are the Innovation Efficiency Ratio, where the country ranks 2nd in the world, and the Innovation Output Sub-index, positioning Luxembourg 4th globally.
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