On October 3, 2017, technology start-up Ujet unveiled a new generation of electric scooters that will be produced in its own factory in Luxembourg.

In the presence of Étienne Schneider, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, technology start-up Ujet, unveiled a new generation of electric scooters that will be produced in the south of Luxembourg.

The 1,480 sq. metre Ujet factory in Leudelange, Foetz, and Ulm will initially employ 41 people and has a production capacity of 10,000 units per year. Since the company was founded three years ago, the development has received investment, mainly from private companies. State funding amounts to around €70,000 or 10%, covering the first phase of investment to launch production in the factory.

Ujet is focused on the design and manufacturing of a high-performance electric scooter suitable for urban mobility and is a spin-off of OCSiAl S.A., the only company in the global market that is capable of producing industrial-scale volumes of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs).

“All our operations have been based here in Luxembourg since the establishment of our company in 2015, and we are delighted to start today the manufacturing of our electric scooter in our factory in Foetz,” says Konstantin Notman, CEO of Ujet Group. “Ujet’s aim is to propose a new mobility concept that will contribute to more sustainable cities. We are delighted to launch this project from Luxembourg, a country that is fostering new modes of mobility as part of its Third Industrial Revolution announced last year.”

Indeed the product is a good fit for a country like Luxembourg since the scooters were invented to make sustainable transport in cities more environmentally friendly, providing a noiseless alternative with zero tail-pipe emissions.

Ujet expects the first models to go on sale in 2018 in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, Monaco and Luxembourg.


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