Set up in order to help students choose where to study, the U-Multirank tool compares over 1,700 universities and colleges from 92 countries across the world. Five dimensions are evaluated: teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement. Each university is evaluated according to individual indicators in these categories and ranked between “very good” (A) to “weak” (E).

The University of Luxembourg received top scores for internationalisation and researchExcellent internationalisation

The University of Luxembourg was evaluated on 32 different indicators and received 16 A scores. It particularly stood out in the field of international orientation, where it received A marks for all 6 indicators for which it was graded. Its best scores were for international academic staff (86.99%), international doctorate degree (86.08%) and foreign language master programmes (86.05%).

Top-level research

The university also received 6 A scores in the field of research, out of 10 indicators evaluated: citation rate, research publications, external research income, top cited publications, post-doc positions and professional publications.

In addition, it received 2 A scores out of 7 indicators in knowledge transfer and 2 out of 5 in regional engagement. However, it does less well in the field of teaching and learning, where it only received C scores.

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Entering the Luxembourg market with ease


In recent years, Luxembourg has emerged as a dynamic hub for innovation, boasting a robust ecosystem that encompasses a multitude of incubators, accelerators, specialised agencies, investors, and innovation hubs. This thriving ecosystem has played a pivotal role in nurturing and propelling numerous successful enterprises across diverse industries onto the global stage. Top executives leading some of Luxembourg’s key structures explain what the ecosystem offers and why this might just be the smartest and most cost-effective way for a soft-landing and to gain a foothold in foreign markets.
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Pioneering “gamified neuroscience” for brain disorders


Luxembourg-based company Myelin-H is developing a revolutionary software technology for the remote monitoring and management of neurological disorders. The company’s CEO, Zied Tayeb, sheds light on the company’s mission to make a difference and how a personal story sparked the conception of his startup.
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Accessing the European healthtech market


Healthtech solutions are subject to rather complex regulatory requirements guaranteeing health standards and protection in the EU. Luxembourg’s national innovation agency Luxinnovation manages a range of initiatives aimed at supporting healthtech companies from strategy development to European market access.
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On the road to personalised medicine


In 2008, the Luxembourg government launched its Sciences and Health Technologies Action Plan to diversify its economy, nurture health technology innovation and stimulate the shift towards personalised medicine. Fifteen years later, the country is home to internationally renowned biomedical research centres and a growing community of healthtech companies focusing, in particular, on digital health, digital medical devices and in vitro diagnostics.
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Luxembourg’s rise to 2nd place in the IMD talent ranking


In the 2023 IMD World Talent Ranking (WTR), Luxembourg moved up five spots to the second position. Its new ranking was influenced by its “strong performance” in the development of homegrown talents and access to an international talent pool.
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