Mr. Hengen, what is your overall assessment of 2018?

“A very positive one. We carried out many activities with our customers and the feedback has been very good, for example the events organised as part of Cybersecurity Week. We also enjoyed great success with our “Present Yourself” programme: a format that generated a lot of interest from our members.

What does this programme consist of?

“The idea is to initiate collaborative projects. However, for this to happen, it is necessary to know the skills of each of our affiliates. “Present Yourself” is mainly aimed at new members and allows them to introduce themselves to other members of the cluster. The objective is not to try to sell a product or service, but to give an overview of all the skills of the company. This helps to better identify opportunities for collaboration.

Some members of the cluster have projects, but do not necessarily want to acquire all the skills to set them up. They are therefore very interested to know where to find what they need.

Digital is at the heart of the new government’s programme. How do you plan to develop the ICT cluster activities in this context in 2019?

“The great challenge for us is, on the one hand, to align ourselves with the government programme, in which Luxinnovation is mentioned several times and, on the other hand, to provide other clusters with the expertise and skills of our members. Indeed, information and communication technologies are everywhere: Internet of things, artificial intelligence, supercomputers, cybersecurity….

We are therefore approaching 2019 from an inter-cluster perspective. For the moment, ‘Present Yourself’ is reserved for members of our cluster, but we will soon expand it. At our next meeting, for example, we will invite a member of the AutoMobility cluster to present the challenges of their sector.

The mapping of the different branches of the ICT sector is another major project for 2019…

“The aim is to get to know better the players and their areas of expertise. As the ICT sector is very diverse, we are now defining these major technologies for which it is important to know the ecosystem. It’s a bit like what was done by the BioHealth cluster at the beginning of this year. We have already started working in the field of cybersecurity and we also want to start the process for artificial intelligence and industry 4.0. Once again, the idea is to know how the ICT sector in Luxembourg is composed and how it can support the other sectors that need its skills.”

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Gaining a competitive advantage with data


Enabling companies to make better use of data: this is the objective of the National Competence Centre for High Performance Computing, currently being set up by Luxinnovation, the University of Luxembourg and LuxProvide.
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Luxinnovation to steer the Luxembourg GAIA-X regional hub


At a conference on March 25, 2021 dedicated to the European digital project GAIA-X, the Minister of Economy, Franz Fayot, launched the Luxembourg regional hub of GAIA-X which will be coordinated by Luxinnovation. In this role, the agency will help all interested public, private and research actors of the Luxembourg data ecosystem to become involved in this European initiative that aims to gather and develop common requirements for a European data infrastructure that is federated, secure and sovereign.
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EuroCC: Boosting the National Competence Centre in HPC


Luxinnovation, together with the University of Luxembourg and LuxProvide, the company hosting the supercomputer MeluXina, is participating to the EuroCC project.
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Digital trends: EU policy evolutions in 2021


Digitalisation is high on the EU’s agenda with the launch of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) and the development of new legislations. In this article, Géraud Guilloud, Senior Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation, continues to review the digital trends of 2021 with a focus on the European context.
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Digital trends: What to expect in 2021


Digitalisation is more important than ever, and a central theme in the new EU framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon Europe. In this article, Géraud Guilloud, Senior Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation, studies the digital trends of 2021 through a magnifying lens with a specific focus on the European policies and contexts.
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