For the 24th time, FEDIL – The Voice of Luxembourg’s Industry – is organising its innovation prize, awarded alternately with the Environment Prize.

Since 1982, this prize has been intended to encourage creativity and innovation in companies and is intended to reward innovators working for companies, independent innovators and young researchers.

The projects submitted must stand out for their innovative and original character, while being of interest to the Luxembourg economy.

It would be more accurate to speak of Innovation Awards (with an s), as there are several awarded each year. In 2018, there were four winners out of some twenty applications submitted:

– Goodyear for its project “Vacuum Cure Technology” (mould technology for the vulcanisation of tyres under vacuum) in the “Process” category;

– Cebi Luxembourg for its “Blow-by Heater” project (an electrically heated component used to remove ice that may form in a passage of the engine block) in the “Product engineering” category;

– Virelux Inspection Systems for its “Optifrag” project (automatic control of car window fragmentation thanks to automated optical solution) in the “SME” category;

– Docunify for its “Admintech” project (digital platform for the implementation of secure collaborative work) in the “Start-up” category.

“One of the main advantages of this prize is to enable the winning company a gain very good visibility,” observes Marc Ferring, Director R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation. “It is a great opportunity to highlight truly innovative achievements that do not always have the opportunity to be valued in this way.”

Interested innovators can consult the rules of this Innovation Award and fill in the registration form before 10 July 10 2020.

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Smart manufacturing towards sustainability


The 2023 Smart Manufacturing Week, organised by Luxinnovation, kicked off with a resounding emphasis on sustainable manufacturing. Speakers at the opening of the conference explored the industrial landscape in Europe and Luxembourg, bringing up the present difficulties, strategies, and solutions that can enable a sustainable transformation of the manufacturing industry.
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Aid for investments in environmental protection


Would you like to invest in a project to reduce the environmental impact of your company’s activities? But the project is costly, and you need financial assistance to take the plunge? Is your company based in Luxembourg? If so, you may be eligible for state aid to offset the additional costs linked to environmental protection in the investments you plan to make. Luxinnovation can guide you.
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DIH ON TOUR bus arrives at the Smart Manufacturing Week


During the Smart Manufacturing Week on 6 and 7 June 2023, the DIH ON TOUR bus will be transformed into a business matchmaking and meeting platform. Board the bus in front of the Luxexpo The Box to interact with representatives from the European Digital Innovation Hub Luxembourg and Saarland. Save the dates for the other upcoming DIH ON TOUR events!
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Combining sustainability and competitiveness


During the conference "Megatrends 2050: Shaping the future with scientific foresight", Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation, reviewed some of these megatrends and how Luxembourg is addressing these challenges. Second part: climate change and resource scarcity.
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One sustainable solution, benefits for many companies


Luxinnovation, in partnership with several partners, creates several solutions that assist different groups of companies to become more sustainable. We examine some of the existing sustainable solutions and others in the pipeline.
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