The Finance Sector is the biggest source of GDP for Luxembourg. In terms of value creation and international competitiveness, there are important and largely untapped  areas where financial innovation will help consolidate and grow the industry in the country, while also helping to transform the corresponding segment of ICT Finance Sector providers. To this day, the industry has demonstrated that purely technological discoveries have not been enough to transform its services, reduce continuously rising costs or avoid the collapses experienced in the cyclical crises of the industry. Opportunities from digitisation still remain mostly untapped.


The measure of success for FITS will be its impact and its ability to bridge a gap between research and industry players. Its working approach is based on two critical business principles:

  • Systemic interdisciplinarity: financial innovation challenges cannot be based on Fintech aspects alone but need to be addressed in an integrated and holistic manner as a combination of people, practices and processes.
  • Industry segment focus: Instead of targeting financial services as a whole, FITS will focus its applied research solely on subjects that generate tangible economic value for the local finance industry.

Consequently, the new centre has identified four select and interrelated domains as its main focus areas. In all of these, there is a significant opportunity for Luxembourg to grow a prominent role for the rest of Europe by the proper design and widely accessible distribution of new systems and services. Those fields are:

  • Investment Management and Funds
  • Private Banking and Wealth Management
  • Risk and Finance & Accounting Competences
  • Regulatory Compliance and Legal Technologies.


FITS will focus on digital technologies as an accelerator in the deep interplay between people, practices and processes. The research challenges will be approached with world-class expertise in Business Analytics, made possible thanks to recent recruitments at LIST. FITS will not work on “generic technology” topics such as blockchain and other security, software engineering or reliability issues. It will focus only on practical and value-driven solutions with all financial industry parties and the related ICT companies. FITS proposes to work in close collaboration with all the instrumental government actors including the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the National Research Fund, the Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Finance.

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Launch of the first call for projects in the field of High-Performance Computing


The Ministry of the Economy announced the launch of a new joint call for projects, in partnership with the Fonds national de la recherche (FNR) and Luxinnovation, in the field of high-performance computing.
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SecurityScorecard develops business from Luxembourg


SecurityScorecard, the global leader in cybersecurity ratings, has been operating in Luxembourg to develop its business on the local and European market. Hosted by accelerator Tomorrow Street, the company adds a new component to the country’s internationally renowned cybersecurity ecosystem.
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Targeting the African market from Luxembourg


SDG Global develops solar-powered telemedicine and digital education kits designed in particular for the African market. The company has chosen Luxembourg as its base for accelerating its global business.
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How to automate fund operations


Moving the fund industry from legacy systems and Excel files requiring heavy manual support to simplified fully automated processes for data harmonisation and regulatory compliance: this is the ambitious objective of Next Gate Tech. The young start-up’s efforts have already received the seal of approval from clients and investors alike.
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International start-ups exploring Luxembourg


25 international start-ups, supported by the Luxembourg Trade and Investment Offices located around the world, attended tech event ICT Spring on 30 June – 1 July 2022. We spoke to some of them to hear why they were interested in exploring Luxembourg as their potential base for entering the European market.
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