On 14 February 2018, minister of the economy, Etienne Schneider, met with deputy primer minister of Russia, Dmitry Rogozin to agree a new cooperation between the two countries on scientific cooperation in the space sector including aspects related to the extraction and use of natural resources of celestial bodies that subscribe to the initiative. This cooperation led to the creation of a Council for Scientific and Technical Cooperation.

The cooperation was announced at the 11th Joint Economic Cooperation Commission between the Belgo-Luxembourg Economic Union (BLEU) and the Russian Federation.

During this visit, the Luxembourg National Agency for Research and Innovation Luxinnovation also signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Russian Innovation centre Skolkovo Foundation.

The two bodies are set to cooperate in the field of innovation and new technologies.

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Space Resources Accelerator: ESRIC leads historic lunar initiative


Luxembourg-based European Space Resources Innovation Centre has been entrusted with conceptualising the world’s first business accelerator for the lunar economy.
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20 start-ups selected for the Fit 4 Start programme


The names of the 20 start-ups selected for participation in the 14th edition of the Fit 4 Start acceleration programme were officially unveiled at the Luxembourg Venture Days 2023. This flagship event of the ecosystem was organised from 17 to 19 October 2023 by Luxinnovation and its partners.
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ESRIC Start-up Support Programme welcomes the five new ventures


Launched in 2021, the Luxembourg-based Start-up Support Programme is the first worldwide incubation programme, entirely dedicated to the field of space resources utilisation.
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Connecting US businesses with Luxembourg


Paul Binsfeld, Luxembourg’s Honorary Consul to Arizona and New Mexico, is passionate about connecting businesses in the US with Luxembourg, and vice versa. We caught up with the experienced entrepreneur and company executive during a recent trip to Luxembourg to speak about what the Grand Duchy can offer American companies and how he can help.
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LIST opens sustainable composite materials innovation centre


The Materials Department of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) has recently launched a Sustainable Composite Materials and Manufacturing Innovation Centre (SCMM). The new centre will in particular develop composite materials with a very low carbon footprint and demonstrate their benefits through concrete application demonstrators for the automotive, rail, space, aeronautics and future urban air mobility.
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