Min Yong Ha, Chief Development Officer of SKT ; Young Sang Ryu, President and CEO of SKT ; Xavier Bettel, Prime minister and minister for Communications and Media ; Franz Fayot, minister of the Economy sign memorandum of understanding on quantum technologiesQuantum computing is ultra-powerful form of computing using quantum mechanics – a branch of physics dealing with the atomic and subatomic scale – to solve complex problems much faster than what can be done with classical computing. The field is clearly on the agenda in Luxembourg, with the Ministry of State coordinating Luxembourg’s Quantum Communications Infrastructure project (LuxQCI) with the objective of creating secure communications that will shield against cyber threats. In 2022, the University of Luxembourg also launched its first testbed for quantum communication, aimed at enabling advanced and applied research in quantum key distribution and quantum internet.

This memorandum of understanding is a significant step in our endeavour to develop better technologies, infrastructures and services in the quantum field.

On 4 October 2023, Prime Minister and Minister for Communications and Media, Xavier Bettel, and Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, had a meeting with Young Sang Ryu, President and CEO of SK Telecom (SKT) to discuss cooperation in this field. SKT is currently aiming to build the first nation-wide governmental quantum-safe network in South Korea, and in the context of the memorandum of understanding signed with Luxembourg, the company considers establishing an entity here. The objective would be to develop mutually beneficial opportunities for the Luxembourg quantum ecosystem.

Developing the quantum technologies field

“Thanks to the complementarity of SKT’s leadership in quantum technologies and Luxembourg’s implementation of the LuxQCI initiative and its leadership in the fields of satellites and innovative data centres, this memorandum of understanding is a significant step in our endeavour to develop better technologies, infrastructures and services in the quantum field”, stated Xavier Bettel.

Minister of the Economy, Franz Fayot, underlined: “South Korea and Luxembourg are strong economic partners and have much in common as pioneers of innovation and leaders in the high-tech and digital arenas. The signature of this memorandum of understanding perfectly underlines the close ties between our countries that exist for a long time, as well as the fruitful collaborations between our companies.”

Photo: ©Ministère d'État


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