European countries dominate the ranking and occupy 10 of the 12 places in the category “very high proficiency” and 12 of the 15 places in the category “high proficiency”. With a score of 66.33, Luxembourg is the 5th best-performing European country after Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark.

The EF English Proficiency Index is based on 1.3 million test takers in 88 countries.

EF English Proficiency Index ranking 2018

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Luxembourg passport the best in the world


For the second consecutive year, the Luxembourg passport has been listed as the best in the world by the Nomad Passport Index.
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Luxembourg second best country to raise a child


Luxembourg ranks second in a study of the best countries in Europe to raise a child, and first in the sub-category "Health & Safety".
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Luxembourg most "open for business"


Luxembourg is ranked as the most open country for business in the world in the 2019 Best Countries study by U.S. News & World Report. The country is also considered as the third best country to headquarter a corporation.
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Luxembourg is second most productive economy


A recent study from the think tank The Conference Board ranks Luxembourg as the second most productive mature economy in the world.
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Luxembourg named the safest city in the world


In addition to its top ranking for personal safety, the country overall ranks as the 18th best city in the world to live in.
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