This strategic document is the result of a comprehensive review carried out by the entire Luxinnovation team at the beginning of 2021. The aim was to clearly spell out the mission, vision, values and strategic objectives as Luxembourg’s national innovation agency, taking into account the vast challenges facing the country’s companies and the national economy in the light of digital transformation and climate change.

Luxinnovation’s mission is twofold:

  • at the company level: empowering companies to innovate today to be ready for tomorrow;
  • at the level of the economy as a whole: identifying innovation opportunities and fostering collaborative innovation projects that stimulate the development of a sustainable, competitive, and digital economy.

Four strategic priorities have been defined for 2025, focusing both on the ecosystem supported by the agency and on the main challenges to be met in the internal functioning of Luxinnovation in order to truly deserve the status of innovation agency in our country. Luxinnovation aims to be:

  • A key enabler to help Luxembourg companies to raise their competitiveness in a digital and sustainable economy through research and innovation
  • An efficient accelerator and facilitator of digitally enabled and sustainable economic development through research and innovation
  • An organisation that is exemplary for being both data-driven and human-centric
  • A staff that is interconnected with the ecosystem at all levels

To carry out this mission, according to these priorities, Luxinnovation’s strategy is structured in 7 organisation-wide key strategic goals, 5 of which are geared at the ecosystem and 2 of which address the internal way the agency operates:

  • Provide in-depth and relevant knowledge about our customers and the ecosystem
  • Provide companies with the best customer experience and relevant product portfolio to render them ready for the future
  • Attract and support innovative companies and start-ups
  • Be a force of proposals to shape the future of Luxembourg’s economy through innovation
  • Promote Luxembourg’s economic and innovation “know-how” nationally and internationally and ensure awareness of Luxinnovation’s services
  • Empower staff in a knowledge-driven and human-centric organisation
  • Ensure efficient, digitalized, optimized and sustainable internal operations

All our partners and all the driving forces of our ecosystem are working towards the common objective of a sustainable and competitive economy encompassing numerous thriving, innovative companies.

Sasha Baillie, CEO Luxinnovation

“I am pleased that Luxinnovation has ensured that its objectives are aligned with broader national, European and international strategies to develop a sustainable digital and competitive economy through innovation,” says Minister of the Economy Franz Fayot.

“With this strategy, Luxinnovation’s activities are better structured and their impact is increased, within a broader innovation and research ecosystem, composed of many actors with different expertise, responsibilities and roles,” adds Claude Meisch, Minister for Higher Education and Research.

“All our partners and all the driving forces of our ecosystem are working towards the common objective of a sustainable and competitive economy encompassing numerous thriving, innovative companies,” says Sasha Baillie, CEO of Luxinnovation. “To achieve this goal, we need an in-depth understanding of the companies we serve, and we need to nurture close and constant interaction and collaboration with our partners. We are therefore committed to being interconnected at all levels and channelling our activities in a clear and structured way towards our common endeavour.”

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