Every two years since 2006, the economic and financial world has been eagerly awaiting the revelation of the ranking of the 100 most influential economic decision-makers in Luxembourg, published by economic and financial magazine Paperjam.

Established by an independent jury, this ranking “illustrates the essence of Luxembourg in its diversity and its economy, with more foreigners, more young people and more women,” explained Aude Lemogne, the president of the jury of the 2020 edition.

In fact, for the first time in eight editions, the winner is a woman: Michèle Detaille, President of FEDIL. In the top 10 of the ranking, three other women were honoured, including Sasha Baillie, the CEO of Luxinnovation, who ranked 6th, ten places higher than in 2018. “She is one of the Luxembourg decision-makers who no longer needs to be presented, neither in the public nor in the private sector. Wherever she goes, ideas germinate”, argued the jury.

“It is the different point of view, the different perspective that generates new ideas and that needs to be heard. This is what innovation is all about.”

Sasha Baillie

“It has certainly been challenging as a woman to find my place in the economy – surrounded mostly by men,” explained Sasha Baillie. “But this is not just a challenge for women. It’s a challenge for anyone who is different. Gender, class, culture, colour. It is not easy to raise your voice in a room where you feel different. Yet it’s precisely the different point of view, the different perspective that generates new ideas and that needs to be heard. This is what innovation is all about.”

The other two women in this Top 10 are Françoise Thoma, the CEO of Banque et Caisse d’Épargne de l’État (2nd) and Nora Back, the President of the OGBL trade union (10th).

The podium is completed by Nicolas Buck, who was succeeded in 2019 by Michèle Detaille as President of FEDIL.

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