The MANUNET network is launching a call for project proposals in the field of collaborative, market-oriented R&D in manufacturing. Luxinnovation and the Ministry of the Economy have joined MANUNET, thereby making it possible for Luxembourg companies to participate. The deadline for submitting a pre-proposal is 23 March 2018.

MANUNET call for proposals aims at fostering the competitiveness of Europe’s Manufacturing Industry by co-funding manufacturing research projects performed by enterprises (preferably SMEs), research centres and universities.


The MANUNET Call 2018 for proposals includes all fields in Manufacturing, structured in the following topics:

  • Knowledge-based engineering, information and communication technologies for manufacturing, including technologies for Industry 4.0
  • Manufacturing technologies for environmental and energy applications including resource efficiency and recycling.
  • Adaptive manufacturing technologies including processes for removing, joining, adding, forming, consolidating, assembling.
  • Additive manufacturing
  • New materials for manufacturing
  • New manufacturing methods, components and systems
  • Other technologies, products and services related to the manufacturing field.


Transnational, collaborative R&D projects.

MANUNET can cofund transnational, collaborative R&D with a significant degree of innovation and scientific and technical risk. Projects should be market-oriented and focus on the application and practical use of manufacturing technologies.
Project consortia must consist of at least two independent partners (and include at least one SME) belonging to two participating countries or two regions in different countries. Regions in Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Russia, Spain and Turkey participate in this call for proposals. Projects with up to 4 or 5 participants are expected.

Attractive national cofunding

MANUNET projects are funded and monitored at national level. In Luxembourg, funding is provided by the Ministry of the Economy in the form of subsidies. Maximum funding rates are as follows (different types of activities may be carried out in a single project):

Two-step proposal submission

The call follows a two-step application procedure, thus reducing the administrative burden for applicants. Pre-proposals should be submitted by 23 March 2018, 17:00 (CET). After a first screening, the best applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal by 12 July 2018, 17:00 (CET). Proposals must be prepared and submitted electronically using the MANUNET electronic submission system (ESS).
Interested Luxembourg participants are invited to contact Luxinnovation to submit their project idea, to request help to identify relevant partners, to get support in the preparation of their application, and much more.

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Clean Hydrogen Partnership first call for proposals


It is now official, the Clean Hydrogen Partnership is launching its first call for proposals – over €300 million will be made available for supporting projects to boost the development of hydrogen and fuel-cell technologies.
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European push towards clean hydrogen technologies leadership


In order to progress further with this drive for clean energy, funding for hydrogen-related research and innovation activities have been included in several EU programmes. Luxinnovation has prepared a summary document highlighting where opportunities can be found.
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Participate in the Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022


The Eureka network and the Clusters, together with 16 countries, join forces to accelerate sustainability by setting up a Joint Call for RD&I projects that address this challenge. The Call will focus on Sustainable industry. Projects can be submitted until 2 May.
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MIDAS: A Luxembourg soft mobility innovation centre


The Luxembourg branch of car repair and maintenance brand MIDAS is the group’s soft mobility innovation centre, providing services to a range of environmentally friendly vehicles. Driven by a strong commitment to sustainability, the founder counts on Luxinnovation support for future innovation.
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National GAIA-X hubs: the voice of local data ecosystems


Luxinnovation CEO Sasha Baillie was one of the speakers at the 2021 GAIA-X Summit, the annual event of this European initiative aimed at building a federated, secure European data infrastructure. Luxinnovation hosts Luxembourg’s national GAIA-X hub, and Ms Baillie shared her views on how the national hubs can connect local needs across Europe.
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