On September 27, 2017, four start-ups, DAANUU.COM, L7 Defense, TeliportMe and Ziggu, graduated from Luxinnovation’s Fit 4 Start programme. The Graduation Day organised at the end of the programme offers the companies access to potential partners and investors. At the same event, Jean-Michel Ludwig, Director, Luxinnovation Start-up Support & SME Performance, announced the five new laureates for the prestigious autumn 2017 Fit 4 Start edition. Out of more than 100 submission, the five next participants will be AR24 Prometheus, Qwerteach, UME and VanHack.   Congratulations!

Last night at Technoport (Incubator, co-working space and fab lab), Luxinnovation announced the five new start-ups selected for the Fit 4 Start coaching program. Four months of intensive training and a grant of 50,000 euros offers these early stage start-ups a platform to potential success. The programme, which is rapidly gaining in international recognition, is also an initiative (along with Luxinnovation) of the Ministry of the Economy, the aforementioned Technoport and Nyuko (independent non-profit co-supported by public authorities and the business world (public-private partnership)

Speaking at the event, Michele Gallo, Director ICT Coordination, Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, pointed out that the level of submissions for the programme continues to grow higher along with the interest of private investors, a sign that the entire Luxembourg start-up ecosystem and the Fit 4 Start programme are developing a strong reputation with an international reach.

Fit 4 Start supports start-ups in their establishment phase by offering early-stage funding and coaching. The programme helps them develop a prototype of their product and to learn how to test it with their first clients. In addition, participating start-ups get support in presenting their company to investors and contacts with other actors supporting start-ups. At the end of the programme, additional €100,000 is offered by the Ministry of the Economy to start-ups that have both successfully graduated from Fit 4 Start and managed to raise at least €50,000 of private equity.

AR24 – sends registered letters with acknowledgments of receipt online reliably, quickly, conveniently and economically.

Prometheus – mobile application that uses augmented reality to make it possible to virtually look around in a future construction.

Qwerteach –online platform of special courses offering a wide range of professors.

Ume – platform designed to respond to the asset management industry’s demands for an effective automated due diligence of fund distributors.

Van Hack – community of tech talent that is looking for a job abroad.

Note that this is the last edition of the Fit4Start programme which will be conducted using this format. A new format should be presented by the end of the year. In particular, the number of files selected will be higher.

If you want to read more about the Fit 4 Start graduates, their companies and their experiences  go here


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