Luxinnovation is the National Contact Point (NCP) for Horizon Europe in Luxembourg and one of the partners of the Bridge2HE project that brings together NPCs all across Europe. On 21 November 2022, the Bridge2HE project held its final conference in Brussels. The hybrid event allowed the project participants to share with the national NCP coordinators present in Brussels, and the entire community connected online, what has been achieved within the project and what its legacy will be.

Accessible knowledge bank

“The Horizon Europe NCP Portal will remain the main entry point for all stakeholders to the knowledge generated in the NCP communities,” explains Stefano Pozzi Mucelli, Head of Luxinnovation’s European RDI Support team.

This knowledge base is accessible to applicants, but it can also be used to improve the skills of the support systems in all the countries participating in Horizon Europe.

During the conference, Mr Pozzi Mucelli and leader of the Bridge2HE work package dedicated to the development of tools for applicants presented the main results achieved in the project in collaboration with all the European partners. The tools developed within the project include:

  • The Horizon Europe Glossary, developed on the occasion of the launch of the Horizon Europe programme (2021-2027), which introduces readers to the key terms that they may encounter in reading the official EC documents and campaigns.
  • The Bridge2HE – Annotated Template, a guide to help applicants to the Research and Innovation Actions and Innovation Actions in Horizon Europe better understand the requirements of the template and better develop the innovation-related issues.
  • The TRL self-assessment tool, which analyses with examples the technology readiness level (TRL) of different types of solutions with the aim to help participants to have a more accurate approach in Horizon Europe projects.
  • A collection of short videos for participants related to relevant items of Horizon Europe such as lump sum, blended finance and missions.
  • And finally, FUNDED, a Horizon Europe board game, which you can download and enjoy at home.

These and several other tools are available through the Store section of the Horizon Europe NCP Portal.

“It has been a pleasure working with all our colleagues in Europe in this project, and in particular the friends in Italy and Spain who worked so hard with us to deliver all these new tools,” says Mr Pozzi Mucelli. “We hope that they will be a great resource for applicants.”

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Commission launches public consultation on the implementation of the Digital Markets Act


End of 2022, the Commission launched a public consultation on the implementation of the Digital Markets Act (‘DMA'). The consultation will last one month and will help shape the final Commission implementing regulation.
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Two first Luxembourg start-ups receive EIC Accelerator funding


The European Commission recently announced that Arspectra and Circuli-ion have been awarded funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) Accelerator. This is the most prestigious funding available for start-ups from the EU’s Horizon Europe programme. Luxinnovation supported the first-ever EIC Accelerator winners from Luxembourg during the application process.
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CBE JU sets funding priorities for 2023


CBE JU has published its Annual Work Programme for 2023, including information about the next call for project proposals. €215.5 million will be dedicated to advancing competitive circular bio-based industries in Europe across 18 topics.
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Professor Björn Ottersten joins ERC Scientific Council


The European Commission has announced the appointment of Professor Björn Ottersten, Director of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) of the University of Luxembourg, as member of the governing body of the European Research Council (ERC), the Scientific Council. From 1 January 2023, Prof. Ottersten will serve as one of the 22 distinguished researchers representing the European scientific community.
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2022 Horizon Europe Day: Funding with impact


On 6 December 2022, Luxinnovation hosted this year’s edition of Horizon Europe Day. A key theme of the event was the importance of defining projects the outcomes of which have a real impact on societal challenges.
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