The Luxembourgian TV station featured .objective Software in its show Automag. The magazine format focuses entirely on car trends. Reporter Pascal Becker talked to .objective-CEO Clemens Dannheim during the opening of the Vodafone 5G lab on May 9th. The piece itself aired at the end of May on RTL Luxembourg.

As a loyal follower of .objective Software, you’ve heard of teleoperated driving already. However, the majority won’t know exactly what it is. Automag, the car-themed magazine on Luxembourgian TV station explained teleoperated driving to the public in an extensive piece on the matter. They also interviewed our CEO Clemens Dannheim for the feature. “We’re able to drive the car with 70 or 80 kilometers per hour.”, Dr. Dannheim says in the feature for Automag. “This also lets us feel that we’re controlling the car.”

Parts of the feature were recorded in Düsseldorf at the opening of the 5G lab, where the team of journalist Pascal Becker recorded their impressions of the control center of the car. As seen in the feature, we’ve upgraded our control center to a 360-°-view of the car in virtual reality. This lets us take the experience one step further and more immersive, as the teleoperated drivers get a better feel for their surroundings.

Filmed In Düsseldorf And Aldenhoven: Teleoperated Driving For Automag

The other half of the feature was shot on the grounds of the Aldenhoven Testing Center close to Aachen. Here you can see, how the car actually reacts to the controls of the remote driver. We always have a security driver in the car in case of emergency, however, he doesn’t control the car at all. He is also only able to stop the car, the remote driver has full control over the steering wheel. “Every component – transmission, video recording, and control technologies to steer the vehicle by wire – is available.” Dr. Dannheim explains. “We may be in a prototyping phase, but we’re working on industrializing our product.”

What the piece by doesn’t show: We’ve made strides in developing our teleoperated technologies. Half a year ago, the driver wouldn’t have been able to drive faster than 30 kilometers per hour. Half a year ago, VR was still a pipedream. We may still be in a prototyping phase, but we’re taking huge leaps in developing teleoperated driving. Soon, it won’t just be a showcase at an event. Soon, it will be an application in day-to-day life.

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