Cinekid, la Gaîté Lyrique, KIKK and WoeLab are issuing an open call for proposals for the creation of three media artworks as part of Les Voyages de Capitaine futur, a European cooperation project supported by Creative Europe.

Three proposals selected from the entries will be produced and exhibited at several international events, venues and festivals in 2018 and 2019 to a family audience.

Artistic fields
The call for proposals is open to all artistic forms and practices that use, subvert, investigate and experiment with media in a critical, creative and sensory way, including the fields of artificial intelligence, art & science, robotics, bioart, biohacking, machine learning, smart objects, up/recycling, interactive design and speculative design.

For whom?
The call is international and open to all artists.

Theme: “Super-natural: stories of worlds to come”.
The theme invites artists to offer their perspective on the technological, dematerialized, complex environments and ubiquitous machines that have become natural elements in our lives. A host of singular species coexist in this new world: virtual animals, mutant plants, electronic viruses, insatiable computers, memory rocks, tentacular networks, autodidact algorithms, domestic robots, cybernetic forests and more. This organic, composite, living world requires us to rethink how we live, communicate and use our senses. To explore the transformations of our era, we need a plethora of new skills, freshly attuned senses, emotions and forms of thought outside the bounds of rationality. Is this an intermediate stage of natural evolution or a ‘big bang’ of singularities? What new configurations are in store? What tools must we craft to survive, experience, adjust to and negotiate these new types of coexistence?

Super-natural: stories of worlds to come aims to elicit poetic visions, narrative approaches and fictional tales that recount a land where humans are no longer central and undergo a metamorphosis upon contact with heterogeneous beings. We are entering an era of hybrid ecology: AI as landscape, networks as biotopes, data as organisms and media as humus. Where do we go from here?

Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2017 

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Circular economy and sustainability


The day dedicated to the circular economy, organised at the end of June in Wiltz, served as a reminder of the importance of implementing the principles of circularity in our daily lives.
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Circular by Design Challenge: 12 projects selected


Following an online pitching session on 6 January, the jury of the Circular by Design Challenge has given its verdict. 12 projects will participate in the second edition of this support programme initiated by the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster of Luxinnovation with the support of the Ministry of the Economy, which targets creatives with sustainable and circular ideas.
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Circular by Design Challenge #2 – Selected projects


The Circular by Design Challenge, organised by the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster of Luxinnovation with the support of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy, connects creative minds with technology, manufacturing and traditional industry to kick-start the development and market launch of new, circular products, services and digital solutions.
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Smart Manufacturing Week is approaching


From 17 to 19 November, best practices in the field of digitalisation in industry will be reviewed at this annual event.
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Technology and road transport: have your say!


Automotive companies are invited to participate in a European study on the impact of technological developments on the transport market.
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