This evening bringing together architects and creatives allowed the Creative Industries Cluster to present itself, through its president Jan Glas and its manager Marc Lis.

Pierre Hurt, the Director of the Ordre des Architectes et des Ingénieurs-Conseils (OAI), which includes no less than five liberal professions (architect, interior architect, consulting engineer, urban planner and landscape architect / landscape engineer) put forward for its part the bridges that could exist between the two universes and cordially invited its members to join the Cluster.

Finally, the architect Türkan Dagli treated the subject of creativity through philosophical theses (Nietzsche and Habermann), asking whether to adapt a conformist approach or rather to position itself as a revolutionary to leave a trace.

Her colleague Stéphane Schmit, for his part, deepened the subject in relation to hyperrealistic renderings that serve as an illustration and are disconnected, suddenly, from the reality that is, in essence, imperfect. The question then arises whether problem solving is creative work or not …

Both of these presentations generated a lot of attention from participants who had the opportunity to express their own opinions through an interactive survey during the presentations.

© photos Marie De Decker

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Circular By Design Challenge: ongoing process (2/4)


The first edition of the Circular By Design Challenge started at the beginning of 2021. The selected start-ups are following an intensive coaching programme that will last until spring. Here is the continuation of the participating companies' testimonials.
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LGX goes Digital


For its 2020 edition, the Luxembourg Gaming Xperience is adapting to the circumstances. It will offer, from 18 to 20 December, a 100% digital version which should delight all lovers of geek culture, e-sport and other new technologies.
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Creative industries and the crisis: the way forward


How can creatives survive the current crisis and find new opportunities for tomorrow? The Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster invited three international experts to share their views in a webinar to answer just these questions.
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Cleantech Forum goes interactive


This year’s edition of the Cleantech Forum Europe, to be hosted in Luxembourg, has been postponed to 7-9 December 2020. Until then, a series of monthly online events will explore ideas and innovations that will help us accelerate the transition to a cleaner world. The first one, “Innovating for Resilience”, will be held on 19-20 May. Luxembourg remains a key partner.
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Communication in the time of crisis: the way forward


Handling information and communication correctly during the current pandemic is essential for all companies. During a webinar on 28 April 2020, members of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster shared their experience of processing information to take the right decision and strengthening their position through efficient communication.
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