The system developed by Aiva has swallowed up more than 30,000 scores of classical music written by the greatest composers and entered the public domain. The analysis of these scores then allows the user to have access to digital models of musical content, allowing him to create his own compositions.

“After completing the Fit 4 Start program, we worked with Luxinnovation for three months in early 2018 on the preparation of a dossier under the Process and Organisational Innovation regime,” explains Pierre Barreau, Aiva’s founder and CEO.

“We were able to obtain additional support from the Ministry of the Economy of 450,000 euros to co-finance a research project of which we have already completed half.”

Accompanied by Luxinnovation in her efforts, Aiva was thus able to familiarise herself with other approaches and other ways of presenting her activities and needs. “When you are a start-up, you are mainly used to approaching venture capital investors who may be less focused on financial projections, but are more attentive to the potential expressed both by the technologies, but also by the teams developing the project. When we address the Ministry of the Economy, the discussions revolve around these financial projections. It’s a little confusing at first, hence the importance of being well supported and well prepared. »

The company’s designers, who combine musical and technological knowledge, have established all their development teams in Luxembourg. “The country is very favourable for the emergence of start-ups like ours, with mechanisms that can almost double the funds raised. »

Today, the company has an international presence, with customers on all continents, mainly in North America.

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Digitalisation with the customer at the centre


Although digital transformation may be crucial for a company’s long-term competitiveness, it does not automatically improve the relationships with customers. The second L-DIH Talk focused on how to redefine the customer experience and ensure that digitalisation goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction.
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Research support for industry’s digital transformation


The Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) has the mission to support industrial companies in their digital transformation processes. On 13 February 2020, the L-DIH invited Luxembourg’s industry to the first part of a series of talks on different aspects of digitalisation and industry 4.0.
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Küb in full expansion


Just four months ago, the Küb concept store opened in Dudelange. Flashback to a milestone in Dudelange’s retail landscape.
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Enabling the wide-scale transformation of mobility


Several unique test sites in Luxembourg are open to companies that develop next-generation mobility solutions for the European market.
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Passed through the Fit 4 Start program in 2019, launched its first commercial offer at the beginning of this year, with an investment support platform.
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