“We are in the high-end segment and that’s why innovation is vital for us,” explains Christophe Losange, manager at Codipro. “Doing nothing on such a basic product exposes us to the risk of being copied all the time.”

One of Codipro’s innovative approaches is the three-year Gradup project, which specifically targeted materials rather than technology for lifting rings designed to lift loads ranging from 70 kg to 125 tonnes.

Codipro’s idea was to propose materials that far exceeded the minimum level of standards imposed, and thus propose a breakthrough innovation, rather than taking the risk of a purely marketing approach.

“We don’t have dedicated research and development teams as such,” says Dr. Losange.

“We preferred to set up an ‘Innovation’ unit of half a dozen people from different departments of the company.”

The grant, granted by the Ministry of Economy, was “substantial”, to use Mr. Losange’s words, and Luxinnovation’s contribution was also valuable in structuring ideas. “We were well listened to and our specific needs were identified and analysed. In addition, we have been well guided not to get lost in the administrative machinery.”

The neutral approach taken by the agency’s teams also made it possible to avoid the appearance of some inconsistencies and “weaknesses” in the file. “This stage is probably even more important than the first,” says Mr. Losange. “And this way of deciphering our file is a real added value, especially with regard to the analysis and management of the risks inherent to the project, which goes far beyond the mere question of whether or not we will succeed in selling these new lifting rings.”


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Digitalisation with the customer at the centre


Although digital transformation may be crucial for a company’s long-term competitiveness, it does not automatically improve the relationships with customers. The second L-DIH Talk focused on how to redefine the customer experience and ensure that digitalisation goes hand in hand with customer satisfaction.
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JEC World 2020 with Composite Industry Luxembourg


For the third consecutive year, Luxembourg will present a national pavilion at the JEC World exhibition in Paris, the largest international event dedicated to the composite materials industry. The 2020 edition will take place from 3 to 5 March at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Centre.
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Circuit Foil to invest €36.5 million in Luxembourg production facilities


Copper foil manufacturer Circuit Foil will invest €36.5 million to increase the production capacity of its facilities in Wiltz in norther Luxembourg. A new building will house new machines as well as around 20 additional jobs.
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Research support for industry’s digital transformation


The Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) has the mission to support industrial companies in their digital transformation processes. On 13 February 2020, the L-DIH invited Luxembourg’s industry to the first part of a series of talks on different aspects of digitalisation and industry 4.0.
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Calendar of activities in 2020 - Chamber of Commerce


The Chamber of Commerce, through its International Affairs team, actively supports Luxembourg companies as they enter or expand into foreign markets.
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