During these informal meetings, participants will be able to share hurdles that they have encountered regarding a specific topic and look for solutions together.

We want to identify issues that are common to different players but difficult to solve individually.

Examples could be the lack of sufficient volumes, common research needs, equipment sharing, training needs, etc.

In order to be successful it is crucial to enhance the communication between the different players, regardless if they are working in the same or i

n different segments of the value chain.

This cross-sector initiative is led by Project Manager Anja Höthker, and supported by the Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster and the Luxembourg Materials & Manufacturing Cluster.

The following four major topics will be highlighted during four separate round table discussions:

1. Raw Materials

Secondary plastics quality and contamination

Lack of supply/demand of recycled plastics

Research for resins compatible with recycling

Alternative materials: Oxoplastics, Biodegradable and compostable plastics, Plastics made out of algae, Renewable materials etc.

2. Design

“circularity by design”

Prevention/use of alternative materials

Reduce additives/fillers, avoid composites where possible

Regenerative design

Innovative design, e.g. through Additive Manufacturing (lighter products/less material, topology optimisation)

Pros and cons of multi-layers

sustainable pigments (remove chloro-organic pigments)

3. Collection/Recycling

Waste flows

Product to product recycling

Advanced recycling technologies, e.g.: Depolymerisation, Recovering monomers to produce plastics (instead of producing oil as is currently being done), Reversible adhesion: separate high value fibres from the resin in composite materials

Advanced sorting technologies and plastics waste treatment units

Optimise sorting streams, e.g. through web platforms

Addressing issues with mix of biodegradable and conventional plastics

Improved collection: Plastics deposit systems, innovative collection approaches and technologies

4. Full Value Chain

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA): Assessing sustainability/end of life for any “new” raw material (plastic resin, bioplastics, compound…), new processes or new products

Performance issues for ageing plastics

Traceability: Composition of material, Provenance of product, Identification: Fluorescent markers

Initiating platforms like EPBP (European PET Bottle Platform) for other types of plastics

Those interested in participating actively in one or more of these debates are kindly asked to fill this form for expression of interest before 08 June. The dates for the different meetings will be set after that deadline taking into account the participants’ availabilities.


For further information, please contact Anja Höthker.

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