The Luxembourgish forests are healthy and are of good quality, according to a study by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Luxembourg with the potential of 25 million euros wood produced in a year. Watch the video (In Luxembourgish only) including a short interview with Luxinnovation’s Wood Cluster Manager, Philippe Genot.

The wood industry has room to grow with currently 1,500 companies directly or indirectly affected by forestry.

Wood is a valuable resource that is essential in our current consumer behaviour. 36% of the surface area of the country of Luxembourg is covered with forest. Luxembourg’s Wood Cluster, managed by Philippe Genot, brings together and connects concerned players who seek to capitalise on these precious natural resources. The aim of the cluster is to get more wood into the Greater Region.

Every year, 750,000 cubic meters of wood grows in the forests and the industry harvests only 2/3 of them. This half million cubic meters would have a sale value of about 25 million euros.

25 % of the forest’s potential resources are quality wood, 50 % of the wood is supplied to the industry and 25% of the wood is used for energy production.

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Mir paken Holz un: Wood as a source of innovation


For the second time, the Luxembourg Wood Cluster organised a bus tour to discover remarkable sites or innovative projects integrating wood as an essential component. An educational trip which, once again, was a great success.

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Wood, increasingly circular


Le projet de recherche Interreg NWE Adhesive Free Timber Buildings a montré qu’il existait bon nombre de possibilités pour rendre encore plus éco-responsable les projets de construction en bois.
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Revaluing regional timber


Wood, a traditional material par excellence, is strongly impacted by technological developments and digitalisation and is gaining in notoriety. Explanations from Philippe Genot, manager of the Luxembourg Wood Cluster.
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Sustainable construction: aligning supply and demand


The application of the principles of the circular economy in the construction sector represents a colossal challenge given the very high level of activity in this sector. This is why, in response to a request from players in the field, the Luxembourg CleanTech Cluster is piloting a study aimed at matching supply and demand concerning circular construction.
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The Wood Cluster has found its place in the ecosystem


On 29 November 2016, the Luxembourg Wood Cluster was officially presented at the Rotondes. Three years later, the results are very positive. A look back with the Wood Cluster manager, Philippe Genot.
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