The Luxembourgish forests are healthy and are of good quality, according to a study by FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Luxembourg with the potential of 25 million euros wood produced in a year. Watch the video (In Luxembourgish only) including a short interview with Luxinnovation’s Wood Cluster Manager, Philippe Genot.

The wood industry has room to grow with currently 1,500 companies directly or indirectly affected by forestry.

Wood is a valuable resource that is essential in our current consumer behaviour. 36% of the surface area of the country of Luxembourg is covered with forest. Luxembourg’s Wood Cluster, managed by Philippe Genot, brings together and connects concerned players who seek to capitalise on these precious natural resources. The aim of the cluster is to get more wood into the Greater Region.

Every year, 750,000 cubic meters of wood grows in the forests and the industry harvests only 2/3 of them. This half million cubic meters would have a sale value of about 25 million euros.

25 % of the forest’s potential resources are quality wood, 50 % of the wood is supplied to the industry and 25% of the wood is used for energy production.

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Construction, circular economy, innovation: a matter for everybody


According to all participants at the event "Construction - Circular Economy: How to support business innovation", organised by the OAI, working together and thinking globally is essential to successfully carry out "circular" projects.
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Towards sustainable and circular construction


Three Luxinnovation cluster managers will be among the speakers of the conference "Construction - Circular Economy. How to support business innovation", on 7 October.
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Forest Stewardship Council approves Luxembourg wood


Luxembourg forest wood, screened by Forest Stewardship Council analysts, has been identified as containing a "low risk" of so-called unacceptable sources by the FSC. This is good news for the entire timber sector in the country and the Greater Region.
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Building the future


General construction company Steffen Holzbau specialises in innovative building materials and energy efficient and sustainable buildings. Within its R&D project “Holz-Beton-Verbundträger”, the company has developed composite beams combining the virtues of wood and concrete.
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The wood sector in the spotlight at the Esch Theatre


Invited to speak at the latest "10x6 Green Architecture" event organised by Maison Moderne, Philippe Genot, the Wood Cluster Manager, had the opportunity to demonstrate the important role of wood in the development of green architecture.
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