For companies looking to become leaders in their markets or moving into new markets through innovation capacity building, collaboration with a Luxembourg-based research institute can be an interesting option. Luxinnovation’s new guide “Successful collaboration between companies and research institutes” provides practical advice on how to make such cooperation run smoothly.

Managing an R&D process with an external partner is not necessarily difficult, but requires mutual understanding and attention to detail. There is a greater chance of collaborative success if both parties understand their interests, roles and responsibilities upfront. Collaboration can be rewarding for both the company and the research institute. This guide has been developed by Luxinnovation with support from its partners to offer insight on what it takes to start a collaboration between a company and a research institute.

The guide focuses on collaborative research when a company and a research institute work together on a new research programme and both commit resources in order to reach a common objective. It provides concrete information regarding how to get the collaboration started, how to manage intellectual property rights and how to find the right R&D partner. It also provides an overview of available funding.

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“Key issue behind ecodesign is lifecycle thinking”


Speaker at the Circular by Design Challenge presentation webinar, the 27. October, Professor Martin Charter, an international specialist in the circular economy, explains the challenges of circular design.
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«Building a better life for everyone»


The director of the Ordre des Architectes et Ingénieurs-conseils looks back on the awards ceremony for the Bauhärepräis OAI 2020 and the perspectives for the sector.
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Protective masks made in Luxembourg


The company Santé Services S.A. and the Robert Schuman Hospitals have just obtained all the necessary certifications for selling their own surgical masks on the European market.
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“Let’s hope for a rapid recovery of the market"


For the manufacturing sector, which has been badly affected by the crisis, the time has now come for the search for new outlets.
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Seizing new opportunities


The automotive sector, hardly hit by the COVID crisis, is not losing confidence. New cross-disciplinary collaborative projects are under consideration, notably to diversify its fields of activity.
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