As part of a professional exchange with Dutch investors and project developers from the real estate sector, Luxinnovation, via its Wood Cluster, organised on 30 September in close cooperation with Luxembourg Trade and Invest an interesting tour of the flagship ELMEN project, a timber construction complex.

ELMEN is a pioneering construction project organised by the housing association Société Nationale des Habitations à Bon Marché and is planned as a cooperative housing project with 375 buildings in timber construction, using the latest in energy-efficiency. The quarter is designed for 2,000 inhabitants and is currently in the construction phase located in the district of Capellen in Luxembourg.

Elmen is also part of the European project Interreg GReENEFF which aims to finance innovative green neighbourhoods and energy efficient social housing in the Greater Region.

One of the general contractors who was awarded the contract for the construction alongside other outstanding Luxembourg timber construction companies, the Luxembourg company SteffenHolzbau, led the excursion under the guidance of the general manager Mark Weber and the construction manager responsible for the site. The approximately 20 Dutch participants were enthusiastic about the expertise and the effective implementation of this sustainable building project.

Wood Cluster Manager Ralf Koehler added:

‘Timber construction can also be a real alternative for social housing and combine the synergies of climate-based and affordable housing.. Luxembourg is paving the way in this respect and is moving forward with a strategic and forward planning approach.’

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Advancing sustainable development goals


A deep dive into the wood ecosystem mapping produced by Luxinnovation shows how Luxembourg’s wood value chain contributes to the UN’s sustainable development goals.
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National coverage, local specialisation


The companies that make up the wood value chain are located all over Luxembourg. However, the wood ecosystem mapping by Luxinnovation shows that certain activities are concentrated in specific parts of the country.
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A growing ecosystem


The new Luxembourg wood ecosystem mapping by Luxinnovation shows an increase in the number of companies. It also reveals that almost 20% of wood businesses were incorporated in the last four years.
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Interregional cooperation to advance the use of wood and biosourced construction


The 12th International Wood Construction Forum (FBC) was held at the Lille Grand Palais convention centre from 12 to 14 April 2023. The Luxembourg Wood Cluster managed by Luxinnovation organised a bus trip with selected companies to ensure Luxembourg’s visibility during the forum, which brings together European and international frontrunners active in the wood and associated industries to discuss the future of forestry and construction in Europe. The growing use of bio-based materials in construction and CO2 neutrality in the building sector was a key theme this year.
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Latvia-Luxembourg wood sector forum participants accentuate collaborative research


Luxinnovation co-organised a hybrid business forum for the wood sector during the just concluded official trade mission to Latvia with the aim to facilitate exchanges between the Luxembourg wood companies and representatives from the Latvian wood sector. During the meeting, both parties expressed their interest in expanding economic cooperation and developing joint research activities.
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