The “working holiday” programme is open to people between 18 and 30 years old and provides them with a one-year visa to Luxembourg or Taiwan. “This is indeed a fantastic opportunity for young people to spend a year in another environment in order to discover and absorb a different culture and different traditions,” says Tania Berchem, executive director of the Luxembourg Trade & Investment Office in Taipei. “Students on the programme will have the possibility to go either for language studies, short-term employment, education projects or tourism. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience in-between being a student and starting your professional life.”

During their stay, programme participants can freely travel in their host region and leave and come back several times. However, the visa cannot be prolonged beyond the initial 12 months.

This is indeed a fantastic opportunity for young people to spend a year in another environment in order to discover and absorb a different culture and different traditions.

The implementation of the programme will contribute to creating friendship and mutual understanding between people from Taiwan and Luxembourg. The long-term ambitions go even further. Ms Berchem hopes that the programme will lead to more exchange in business as well as in tourism and higher education, and adds: “It also allows us to promote our common shared values of openness, dynamism and reliability”.

The agreement with Taiwan is the third of its kind for Luxembourg. The country has already set up similar arrangements with New Zealand and Australia. “In order to give Luxembourg youth the possibility of benefiting from such a programme also in Asia, Taiwan became a natural partner as it has already implemented such schemes with ten other member states of the European Union,” Ms Berchem explains.

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Belgium and Luxembourg collaborate on space resources exploration and use


On 23 January 2019, the two countries singed a declaration outlining their intention to collaborate on the development of an international framework for space resources exploration and utilisation.
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[Blog post] Digital buzz: Trends and reality


Executing Luxembourg’s data-driven digital strategy over the last 12 months has taken Luxinnovation’s business development team to some of the well-known technology hubs across the world but also given an insight into emerging locations and their current focus.
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Passbolt raises €460,000 and attracts the Digital Tech Fund


Specialised in corporate password management, the Luxembourg start-up Passbolt has just completed a €460,000 round of financing. This capital will enable it to strengthen its teams and improve its solution.
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Luxembourg ranks 3rd small city of the future


Luxembourg follows closely behind Zürich and Belfast in this ranking established by the fDi intelligence division of the Financial Times.
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Towards a circular economy model


The focus and growing awareness of both politicians and the public is encouraging Luxembourg to move from a linear to a circular economy. The limitations of “extract — manufacture — consume — throw away” are becoming more and more apparent.
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