Are you a creative designer looking for a workspace? The City of Esch-sur-Alzette may have just what you need!

In the heart of the capital of the Terres Rouges, at 120 rue de l’Alzette, the entire first floor space is intended to be sublet to five creative designers (but there are already only four spaces left). They will be able to produce and sell their products at the same time, in one location.

To do this, the premises have been divided into two parts, the front being used for sales (with workspaces of 9 m2) and the back used as a workshop/storage (with workspaces of 12 to 15 m2).

Ideally located for Esch2022

These workspaces are offered by the City of Esch-sur-Alzette at a price of €420 per month, including charges (with a two-month deposit). The rental contracts can have a duration of 6 months with tacit renewal, or 9 or 12 months without renewal. Depending on availability, it will be possible to rent a maximum of two surfaces at the same time.

Residents will be free to create and decorate the workspace together.

“This space is advantageously located in the heart of the triangle ‘Municipal Theater – Kulturhall – Museum of Resistance’ which will be one of the focal points of the cultural year 2022,” says Goran Borisavljevic, in charge of Economic Development within the Department of Economic Affairs of the City of Esch.

“A great opportunity”

“Our cluster has been actively involved in workshops with the City of Esch-sur-Alzette in order to ascertain the needs of creative industries on a national and local scale,” says Marc Lis, manager of the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster. “The lack of space, to work or showcase creative products, is a concern within the creative community. The successful expansion of pop-up stores continuously underlines the need and success of such initiatives.”

Setting up a dedicated space for creatives is therefore perceived very positively within the ecosystem. Such an initiative can potentially bear fruit at different levels:

– Increase the interaction between creatives and their clients,

– Increase sales and economic growth for creatives,

– Increase the collaborative spirit by bringing together various creatives in the same space,

– Help promote creatives and their craftsmanship,

– Diversify the economic tissue of businesses within a city.

“The prospect of producing and selling one’s products in one single space is definitely a great opportunity for creatives,” concludes Marc Lis.

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