Luxinnovation’s Automobility Cluster strongly supports increasingly automated, cleaner and more efficient modes of mobility and Objective Software’s unveiled tele-operated vehicle presented in Germany ticks all of those boxes and opens up exciting future possibilities and opportunities. Their new fully electric car is capable of driving under completely remote control via a tele-operator who can sit thousands of kilometres away. It sounds like science fiction but in fact, the future is almost here now.

Real-time, safety-proven controls and multiple full-HD (high definition) video streams allow the users to have a totally immersive experience, which bridges the borders between simulation and reality, physical and virtual places.

Objective Software’s Tele-Operated Driving Solutions use real-time data transmission supported by state-of-the-art cellular telecommunication and upcoming (not fully on the market yet) sensor technologies, which transform serial production vehicles into full-fledged tele-operated solutions, ready for the ongoing mobility revolution.

Hundreds of visitors showed their enthusiasm regarding the potential of tele-operated driving which opens a wide range of applications in mobility services and industry. It is a very big step in the right direction.

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Sustainable industry: making a difference


The 2022 edition of Smart Manufacturing Week is in full swing with sustainable manufacturing as its main focus. The first day of the event challenged companies in all sectors of activity to determine the areas in which they can make a difference and launch concrete actions, for their own benefit as well as for that of the world.
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Luxembourg, a launch pad for mobility innovation, at EcoMotion Week


Luxembourg is a partner of the 2022 EcoMotion Week, which will take place in Tel Aviv, Israel on 9-12 May. We spoke to Joost Ortjens, Head of International Business Development – Smart Mobility at Luxinnovation, who will speak at the event about Luxembourg as a launch pad for mobility innovators in Europe.
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“Making supercomputing accessible to all companies”


Luxembourg’s supercomputer MeluXina is among the 40 most powerful systems in the world. It is also unique in its strong focus on value to businesses. We spoke to Senior Solution Engineer Luis Vela at LuxProvide about solutions and services available for clients that want to harness the full power of data.
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Supporting industry 4.0: Wizata


A range of companies specialised in digital transformation are available in Luxembourg. Meet digital platform specialist Wizata.
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Supporting industry 4.0: Artec 3D


Luxembourg is home to a wide range of service providers specialised in different aspects of industry 4.0. Discover a snapshot of 3D scanner specialist Artec 3D.
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