An important part of Husky’s business is the design and manufacturing of highly customised PET (Poly-Ethylene Terephthalate) moulding systems for the beverage packaging industry. “The Factory of the Future will give us a competitive advantage in speed and quality,” says Gerardo Chiaia, President of the Beverage Packaging business at Husky.

R&D support

While Husky was firmly committed to undertaking the project, Luxinnovation helped the company prepare a successful application for a research and development subsidy from the Ministry of the Economy. “This support allowed us to allocate additional resources to the project and to speed up the implementation,” explains Mr Chiaia.

Strategic partnerships

In collaboration with Luxinnovation, the project was designed so that it would mainly be managed and implemented by Husky Luxembourg and create value and new skills for the country. Luxinnovation’s contact network also facilitated the establishment of two strategic partnerships for the project. “We collaborate with Siemens Luxembourg, who provided support on the shop floor connection,” says Jean Christophe Witz, Husky’s Director of Digitisation. “Luxinnovation also put us in contact with Professor Peter Plapper at the University of Luxembourg, with whom we will develop research activities based on value stream mapping.”

“So far the initiative has been very successful. We have been able to digitise the entire end-to-end process for a specific product improving drastically the speed and the quality,” Mr Witz concludes.


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