Setting up cultural, social and/or educational projects often requires good advice and support. With this in mind, Jacques Hoffmann and Luka Heindrichs founded the company Twist+Tweak at the end of 2019, which specialises in the management of cultural projects.

The two partners know each other well and have already developed a number of projects together over almost two decades, with the “Food For Your Senses” festival (between 2004-2019), as well as the creation of the Cultural Club ‘De Gudde Wëllen’, both of which have enabled them to expand their address book and become more familiar with the needs and challenges in this area.

“In addition to managing the project of the City of Mondercange for Esch2022, we support several municipalities, institutions and associations in the realisation of projects”, Luka Heindrichs summarises. These projects are either ephemeral (such as “Les Nuits des Lampions”, the Ettelbrooklyn street festival or the Transition Days festival) or more long-term, such as Mondercange 2022 or the H2Only project of the Haute Sûre Natural Park.

Although the two partners have little to learn about cultural programming, whether it be for music or the performing arts, they have, on the other hand, needed to be able to work together with other experts for their more educational projects. “Having been given the task of creating a programme focusing on design and partly on new technologies, we called on several specialists in the field, including Marc Lis from the Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster,” explains Mr Heindrichs. “He came back to us rapidly and helped us considerably, as he was able to direct us to several personalities whom we have since invited as speakers in the conference cycle that we are organising for the City of Mondercange. This event aims to raise the question of the responsibility of design in building a sustainable future.”

Beyond the creative

The Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster has thus contributed its expertise and network to the selection of some of the speakers for the upcoming events, including Max Steffen and Stylianee Parascha. “Max Steffen is the Global Creative Design Director for Equipment and Accessories, in other words, a Luxembourger highly skilled in design. Stylianee Parascha is very active and expert in the field of sustainable fashion and is also part of the cluster,” explains Marc Lis. “But we have no doubt that the interest in this Esch2022 event goes beyond the creative sector alone.

This cultural year obviously puts a special spotlight on Twist+Tweak’s activity, but it is only a stage, as some of the projects managed by the organisation are not linked to it. “These projects will obviously continue and others will undoubtedly be added. Of course, we also hope to meet new potential clients during this catalytic year. Beyond the anticipation of discovering artists and creations from all over the world, I anticipate a dynamic cultural year with, potentially, enriching experiences, new collaborations and fruitful meetings.”

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