The Luxembourg Wood Cluster as well as the EcoInnovation Cluster, managed by Luxinnovation, had two teams of 5 students in the MBA programme (Master of Business and Administration) at Sacred Heart University who made a detailed study in the Capstone course in their respective sectors. This study was conducted under the lead of Charles-Albert Florentin, Cluster Manager EcoInnovation and Philippe Genot, Wood Cluster Manager and with the collaboration of Luxinnovation’s Market Intelligence team.

From September 17 until December 2017, the Luxembourg Wood as well as EcoInnovation clusters had two teams of 5 students in the MBA (Master of Business and Administration) programme at Sacred Heart University. Within the *Capstone course, a detailed study was done on our respective sectors (Ecosystem Inventory, Trend Analysis in Europe, Development Scenarios and Business Plan for a specific scenario). Regarding the wood component, the students also conducted a study on a Wood Exchange Platforme (platform). This particular study was conducted with the collaboration of our Market Intelligence team, under the direction of Sara Bouchon.

Philippe Genot, Wood Cluster Manager said, “These efforts bring a real added value in terms of development of the Luxembourg Wood Sector and help to identify new strategical areas and the development of a business-orientated view on the Wood Sector along with the drafting of a business plan for a well-defined scenario.”

The collaboration between Luxinnovation and Sacred Heart University also is a win-win situation. This was demonstrated by both Charles-Albert Florentin, Cluster Manager EcoInnovation and Philippe Genot, Wood Cluster Manager being invited to assist at the graduation ceremony since the students had written their dissertation on themes that are of interest to the respective Clusters and the Wood Cluster, and  in Luxinnovation being presented with an award for: “Commitment to Excellence in Business Education”.


* Welch Competency Demonstration and Implementation

This is the capstone course of the MBA program. Through major interdisciplinary projects, cases, readings, and experiential exercises, students hone their strategic management skills and make presentations to business practitioners and faculty.  Seminar topics cover leadership, sustainability, and doing business globally. Students will demonstrate their learning in the program.

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First DIH ON TOUR a success


Between 25 October and 16 November 2021, the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub (L-DIH) team toured the country with its yellow bus to meet manufacturing companies and discuss their digital transformation and implementation of an industry 4.0 approach. The exercise was deemed a success, and the team intends to repeat it in 2022.
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"Eist Holz": a local approach to sustainable and circular wood


The Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development have presented the promotional image "Eist Holz" to underline the link between our forests and the local wood value chain.
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The future of manufacturing: sustainable and digital


New manufacturing technologies and processes are revolutionising companies’ business strategies and internal way of working and growing. This year we are organising the 3rd edition of the smart manufacturing event, which will be digital and address all manufacturing sectors.
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Mir paken Holz un: Wood as a source of innovation


For the second time, the Luxembourg Wood Cluster organised a bus tour to discover remarkable sites or innovative projects integrating wood as an essential component. An educational trip which, once again, was a great success.

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Revaluing regional timber


Wood, a traditional material par excellence, is strongly impacted by technological developments and digitalisation and is gaining in notoriety. Explanations from Philippe Genot, manager of the Luxembourg Wood Cluster.
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