As the main theme is “forests and wood”, the Luxembourg Wood Cluster could not miss this event that is expected to welcome 35,000 visitors over the three days.

Ten cluster members will present their products on the stand that covers 70 m2 and will concretely showcase the diversity of the sector as well as varied and interesting uses of wood – a regional, sustainable and natural material.

L’Ordre des architectes et ingénieurs-conseils (OAI) will also be there on the stand. It will present a movie with more than 50 wooden constructions in Luxembourg, that will show the importance of consulting engineers and architects in the development and growth of wood construction in Luxembourg.

The stand will also allow the Luxembourg Wood Cluster to show its work and role in the local economy.

“The Wood Cluster’s participation at this Agricultural Fair allows us to demonstrate wood as local and sustainable material, but also to present the numerous players and very varied jobs of the sector at the national and regional level,” explains Philippe Genot, the Luxembourg Wood Cluster manager.

A bus tour of exceptional wooden buildings

The Cluster exhibition will not only be static. On Saturday 30 June from 11:00 to 13:00, it organises, in partnership with the Public Buildings Administration, a bus tour of exceptional wooden buildings: the new headquarters of the Administration of Nature and Forests in Diekirch and the high school for nursing professions currently under construction in Ettelbruck.

The Cluster is also actively involved in setting up a wooden portal on the fair site in partnership with the University of Trier. The portal will be made using a very innovative system of fixation.

Are you a wood industry player and interested in joining the Luxembourg Wood Cluster? Apply for membership here!

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Advancing sustainable development goals


A deep dive into the wood ecosystem mapping produced by Luxinnovation shows how Luxembourg’s wood value chain contributes to the UN’s sustainable development goals.
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National coverage, local specialisation


The companies that make up the wood value chain are located all over Luxembourg. However, the wood ecosystem mapping by Luxinnovation shows that certain activities are concentrated in specific parts of the country.
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A growing ecosystem


The new Luxembourg wood ecosystem mapping by Luxinnovation shows an increase in the number of companies. It also reveals that almost 20% of wood businesses were incorporated in the last four years.
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Interregional cooperation to advance the use of wood and biosourced construction


The 12th International Wood Construction Forum (FBC) was held at the Lille Grand Palais convention centre from 12 to 14 April 2023. The Luxembourg Wood Cluster managed by Luxinnovation organised a bus trip with selected companies to ensure Luxembourg’s visibility during the forum, which brings together European and international frontrunners active in the wood and associated industries to discuss the future of forestry and construction in Europe. The growing use of bio-based materials in construction and CO2 neutrality in the building sector was a key theme this year.
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Latvia-Luxembourg wood sector forum participants accentuate collaborative research


Luxinnovation co-organised a hybrid business forum for the wood sector during the just concluded official trade mission to Latvia with the aim to facilitate exchanges between the Luxembourg wood companies and representatives from the Latvian wood sector. During the meeting, both parties expressed their interest in expanding economic cooperation and developing joint research activities.
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