More than 100 participants from the general public and from the economic, agricultural, transport and energy sectors gathered together on February 4 and 5, 2018 to discuss the main challenges facing Luxembourg in terms of climate change policy for 2030-2050, and to jointly develop innovative climate protection proposals that will benefit society as a whole. Our Luxinnovation Wood and Ecoinnovation clusters were there.

With this first “wake up weekend”, Luxembourg’s Ministry of Sustainability broke new ground in the development of the climate protection plan. During the weekend, innovative ideas were debated and collected in a “future workshop” that should serve to enrich the government’s new climate protection plan. With them at Luxembourg’s beautiful Neumünster Abbey Cultural Center was Philippe Genot, Cluster Manager Wood at Luxinnovation, and Charles-Albert Florentin, Cluster Manager, EcoInnovation.

The workshop took place in a very dynamic and constructive atmosphere and represents the kick-off event for the development of the new “national climate plan” for the post-Kyoto period, from 2020 to 2030-2050. This new plan, initiated “Generatioun Klima”, is to be developed in a participative, creative and innovative approach.

Climate change and the development of the Wood and Ecoinnovation sectors

Charles-Albert Florentin and Philippe Genot were representing their respective clusters members and participated in the working groups in order to develop innovative projects related to the challenges around climate change issues. They were both very interested in bringing to the discussions their strategies for the development of their sectors.

“It was a very good event with interesting insights and political views and evolutions, partly due to the presence of Carole Dieschbourg, Luxembourg Minister for the Environment and Camille Gira, State Secretary for Sustainable Development and Infrastructure.  We were quite firm in our insistence that the private sectors and the companies have to be part of the change,” says Charles-Albert.

Minister Carole Dieschbourg welcomed the participants’ commitment and was very satisfied with the dynamics of the process but also with the quality of the proposals:  “Today we sent a clear signal that Luxembourg is committed and that citizens are more than motivated to take up the challenge of climate change and to work together to remove the obstacles.”

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MyMedBot a virtual companion for patients with a life-threatening chronic condition


MyMedBot is a virtual personal assistant which empowers young people who live with a life-threatening chronic condition to fully live their life without fear. Through our mobile application, a MyMedBot user can pre-emptively setup an emergency plan and have the peace of mind that the right people will know how to help when they need to – no matter if in a classroom or on a night out.
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Place your ads at the right time with Metri


Metri allows companies to save money and increase conversions by showing the right ads at the right time.
Companies can use triggers like weather data, stock market data, or website activity to automatically pause/un-pause ads or increase/decrease bids.
For example, a food delivery company could show more ads on a rainy day or show more “buy bitcoins” ads when the price of Bitcoin is low.

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New BTS "Gaming" and "IoT" at Arts et Métiers


The Lycée des Arts et Métiers (College of Arts and Crafts) in Luxembourg will enrich its offer in September, with three new BTS courses dedicated to gaming and the Internet of Things, two areas which point to more and more opportunities on the employment market.
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Luxembourg ranked 2nd worldwide in the latest 2018 Innovation efficiency ratio


The major Global Innovation Index strengths of Luxembourg are the Innovation Efficiency Ratio, where the country ranks 2nd in the world, and the Innovation Output Sub-index, positioning Luxembourg 4th globally.
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EEN Luxembourg: 10 years supporting and advising companies


The unique European network dedicated to the internationalisation and innovation of companies, SMEs and VSEs celebrated its 10th anniversary Monday 09 July 2018, in front of 250 guests from the business, economic and political world. This is an opportunity to recall how sharing and exchange of ideas can be major contributors to the development of companies, whatever their size.
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