January 2020

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The European R&D and Innovation team wishes you a happy new year, which promises to be very exciting!

The newly appointed European Commission has come up with renewed ambition and agenda that will have an impact on Horizon 2020 already and on Horizon Europe, especially with Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Green Deal. Have a look at our news to know more on the topic.

The Brexit bill passed in the House of Common, with possible future implications on European R&D projects. We have put together a factsheet summarizing the implication for Horizon 2020 ongoing and incoming projects.

Final calls for Horizon 2020 are opening up great opportunities and paving the way to Horizon Europe, which will be launched this autumn. Stay tuned to hear about our launching event.

In the meantime, you can read our thematic reports on opportunities and future trends in the fields of energy and climate Horizon 2020 related calls, in the digital area, and on the progress of Horizon Europe.

We are always pleased to help you with your Horizon 2020 ideas or research initiatives, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
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Spotlight on Climate and Energy in Horizon 2020
The Innovation Programme has entered its last year

While it is time to look at what has been achieved, there are still opportunities in Energy calls that remain open until Autumn 2020.

Sanna Alaranta, Advisor European R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation, shares her insights on opportunities offered by Horizon 2020 and future trends in the field of energy expected in Horizon Europe, the next European framework for research and innovation.

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European Green Deal – a new growth strategy for Europe
A climate-neutral Europe by 2050

The European Green Deal responds to urgent climate and environmental challenges that the world is facing today. Besides an ambitious environmental policy, it is also a new growth strategy for prosperous and fair countries, healthy and well-being future generations and resource-efficient economies.

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Horizon Europe, State-of-the-art
A new Framework Programme

The European Framework programmes offer funding opportunities for the best in class research and innovation. Their raison d’être is to produce excellent science and technology and remove barriers to innovation, so contributing to European economic prosperity and competitiveness.

This report summarises the main features of Horizon Europe publicly available so far.

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DIGITAL: what to expect in 2020?
By Géraud Guilloud

In this article, we will put a magnifying glass on the digital trends that are relentlessly unwinding in front of us this year, and with a specific focus on European innovation funding related content.

This is a look ahead, certainly not a crystal ball!

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Two Luxembourg researchers awarded with prestigious ERC Consolidator Grants 2019

The new grantees will have a chance to build up their teams and have a far-reaching impact.

The European Research Council has announced the winners of its latest Consolidator Grant competition. 301 top scientists and scholars across Europe, including two based in Luxembourg, received grants.

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Watch Paul Wilmes interview
Watch Nicolas Boscher Interview

The Lump Sum scheme in Horizon 2020
A simplification exercise

One of the main elements of simplification in Horizon 2020 (H2020) has been the adoption of lump sum funding in a range of instruments, with the aim of reducing the burden of the financial management of H2020 grants.

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Brexit & the UK participation in Horizon 2020

The UK and the EU have agreed a flexible extension of the Article 50 period to 31 January 2020. UK organisations can continue to participate in Horizon 2020 as a Member State, and remain eligible to apply for Horizon 2020 funding.

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INNOWWIDE Call 2 open until 31 March 2020

Viability assessment of collaborative and INNOvative business solutions in WorldWIDE markets, is a Horizon 2020 project that aims to fund at least 120 European innovative SMEs and start-ups to conduct Viability Assessment Projects (VAPs) in markets outside of Europe.

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