March 2021

Dear readers,

2021 got off to a roaring start with the last of Horizon 2020 calls, the Green Deal calls and the series of thematic Horizon Europe webinars we are organising. This series aims at bringing you advanced knowledge on the different thematics covered by the research and innovation funding programme Horizon Europe. If you haven’t had the chance to participate in the live sessions, you can watch the replays.

Horizon Europe is in its final validation stage and adoption phase. We are expecting the calls to be published during the first 2 weeks of April, some even earlier, with the first deadlines coming very quickly.

Do not hesitate to contact us already to discuss your ideas and start working on your project. We are committed to supporting you in your endeavour.

Have you met the team already? The Horizon Europe structure differs from Horizon 2020. We have reorganised our team to bring you a better support. Have a look at our new organisation.

Yours sincerely,
Your NCP team


Digital trends: What to expect in 2021

Digitalisation is more important than ever, and a central theme in the new EU framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon Europe. Géraud Guilloud, Senior Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation, studies the digital trends of 2021 through a magnifying lens with a specific focus on the European policies and contexts.

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Digital trends: EU policy evolutions in 2021

Digitalisation is high on the EU’s agenda with the launch of the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) and the development of new legislations. In this article, Géraud Guilloud, Senior Advisor – European R&D and Innovation Support at Luxinnovation, continues to review the digital trends of 2021 with a focus on the European context.

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The future of Industry: Industry 5.0

The industry sector is a key driver of the EU’s recovery from the current crisis. It strongly contributes to the twin green and digital transitions, aimed at building a more sustainable and resilient society and economy.

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UK participation in Horizon Europe

As the United Kingdom is no longer an EU member state, the country’s participation in Horizon Europe has been clarified with the conclusion of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement on 31 December 2020. The UK will continue to contribute financially to the programme and its researchers can still participate in projects.

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EIC launch ceremony (18 March) and Applicants day (19 March)

A high level European Innovation Council (EIC) launch ceremony on Thursday, 18 March will be followed with an EIC Applicant’s Day on 19 March.

Read more - Open Call#2 for Funding EU Professionals in ICT Standardization

The 2023 initiative offers financial support for European professionals engaged in the development of international ICT Standards. The Open Call#2 online applications can be submitted until 11 March.

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AI4EU support program distributes up to €70K to companies so solve AI challenges

The objective of the AI4EU Call for Solutions is to select the best 41 Solution Providers that address one of the Challenges and together with the Challenge Owner enter a 6-months Support Program receiving funding for solving the specific challenge.

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Horizon Europe webinar series

09.03.21 | Tackling climate change & environmental challenges

The webinar will introduce participants to the climate and environment part of the programme and give them the keys for a successful participation in Horizon Europe.

11.03.21 | Health, Nutrition, clinical research

The webinar will focus on health and care related topics under Horizon Europe, with a focus on the non-digital health topics (which have already been covered). These calls are relevant for the entire innovation chain, from basic research to hospitals and other end users.

16.03.21 | Mobility

The webinar will cover relevant parts of the Cluster 5 Climate part as well as Cluster 6 environment part.

23.03.21 | Citizen Science & European Research Area

The European Research Area is a key component of Horizon Europe. It builds on the concept of citizen science, including Ethics, Science Education, Open Science, Gender equality and more.

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