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23 February 2024

L-DIH Talks 24': Episode 1 I Manufacturing operational excellence: Advanced planning


Advanced planning can significantly boost the operational excellence of a manufacturing company. It introduces efficiency, flexibility and optimisation across various aspects of its operations, makes it easier to meet customer demands and expectations, minimises lead times, and much more. Read more

01 March 2024

Horizon Europe - Brunch with Coordinators

Esch-sur-Alzette - Onsite

The purpose of this workshop is to shed some light on the responsibilities, challenges, skills and attributes needed to drive a collaborative project in Horizon Europe, providing participants and aspiring project leaders with first-hand testimonials from experienced Horizon Europe coordinators in a relaxed and open discussion. Read more

15 March 2024

How to write a competitive Horizon Europe proposal - Beginner level

Esch-sur-Alzette - Onsite

Our one-day workshop aims to equip participants with insights and strategies for submitting successful proposals, optimising their chances of receiving Horizon Europe funding. Read more

26 March 2024

Waste heat recovery and valorisation in industrial processes


Several industrial and manufacturing processes generate significant amounts of heat as byproducts. Giving value to this extra heat, that would otherwise be wasted, can result in enormous gains in terms of energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness, reduced environmental impact, and more sustainable industrial operations. The captured heat – using heat exchangers, cogeneration systems, or other technologies - may be redirected towards other industrial processes or put to better use, such as generating electricity or heating buildings and water systems. Read more

14 > 15 May 2024

European Digital Healthtech Conference 2024

Kirchberg (Luxembourg )

Digital medical devices (DMDs) are a cornerstone of the digitalisation of the healthcare sector. Ensuring that high-potential devices succeed with the journey from initial concept to commercialised product is a priority, but a process fraught with challenges, not least due to the complex regulatory environment. Although the European regulation on medical devices has now been clearly defined, several other key components are needed for these technologies to reach the market. Read more

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Lex Delles: "Luxinnovation, a key partner"


The new Minister of the Economy, SME, Energy and Tourism prioritises strengthening the Luxembourg economy. This will notably be achieved through an even closer collaboration with the national innovation agency.
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Luxembourg set to build the scaleups of tomorrow


The Minister of the Economy and Luxinnovation’s CEO spoke about developing an impactful scaleup support programme at the 2024 Digital Tech Fund conference.
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Intellectual property: SME Fund extended


Until 6 December 2024, businesses can save up to €6,000 owing to the provisions of this fund initiated by the European Commission.
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Explore international R&D with IraSME


Luxembourg companies are encouraged to participate in transnational R&D projects under the IraSME initiative. A call for proposals is open until 27 March 2024. Another call will be issued in June this year.
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