Do you feel that your customers are not happy? Are you getting bad reviews for your business on the internet? Would you like your company to be recognized for its excellent customer service?

The customer experience is the set of interactions a customer has with a business, from the discovery of its products and services to the purchase and post-purchase: it can propel a business towards recognition or on the contrary make it sink into oblivion.

Fit 4 Service allows companies to objectively evaluate the quality of their customer experience, and gives them the keys to implement simple measures that will make it stand out from its competitors in the eyes of customers.

What is Fit 4 Service?

  • The intervention in your company of a specialized consulting company approved by Luxinnovation;
  • The realization of a diagnosis that identifies the sources of dissatisfaction with your customers;
  • The definition of a catalog of improvement measures;
  • Public assistance from the Ministry of the Economy to cover part of the costs incurred.

Who can participate in Fit 4 Service?

To be eligible, a company must:

Fit 4 Service, how does it work?

1) Send your application to Luxinnovation
Choose the certified consultant who will accompany you
– Complete the online form
– Validate the submission of your application at the end of the form
– Luxinnovation receives and reviews your application

2) When your application is validated by Luxinnovation
– Send your validated application to the Ministry of the Economy
– The diagnosis can start with the chosen consultant
– At the end of the diagnostic, the consultant will provide you with a report validated by Luxinnovation
– You can request payment of the public subsidy covering the diagnostic costs
– At the end of the diagnostic, a project can be initiated with the financial support of the Ministry of the Economy

Frequently asked questions about Fit 4 Service

  • How do I choose my Fit 4 Service consultant?
    Contact Luxinnovation, we will be happy to help you make your choice.
  • What is the amount of government subsidies related to Fit 4 Service?
    The Ministry of Economy will pay you a lump sum of 6.000€ for the diagnostic phase.
  • When can I participate in Fit 4 Service?
    The Fit 4 Service program is open on an ongoing basis. Applications can be submitted at any time during the year.

Participate in Fit 4 Service!