Over its four-day run, the tour drew nearly 100 attendees who participated in the visits to prominent manufacturers and companies across Luxembourg. It kicked off at Ceratizit in Mamer on 28 September, followed by stops at Goodyear in Colmar-Berg on 3 October, the Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity (LHC) in Luxembourg City on 4 October, and concluded at Codipro (Alipa Group) in Wiltz on 5 October.

The tour offered in-depth presentations on the key activities of the hosting companies, insights on real-world challenges and applicable solutions, factory tours, awareness-raising sessions on digital energy, sustainability management and OT cybersecurity, an overview of the L-DIH services. Each day concluded with an interactive networking cocktail on the bus.

The shared experiences and insights gained at the different hosting facilities are poised to drive future advancements in digital innovation.

“Our commitment to exploring holistic solutions for the manufacturing sector was emphasised throughout this edition, and the tour was a perfect occasion to present to the ecosystem the Luxembourg Digital Innovation Hub’s service catalogue. The shared experiences and insights gained at the different hosting facilities are poised to drive future advancements in digital innovation, all the way from initial data gathering to digital twins and blockchain technology,” explains Joachim Clemens-Stolbrink, Senior Advisor Digital Transformation at Luxinnovation.

Hosting facilities across Luxembourg

DIH ON TOUR 2023 -2 Codipro’s transition from an outdated CRM system to a new one served as a compelling case study for SMEs facing similar situations. Its innovative approach included developing apps that allow clients to verify the authenticity of its products using the engraved serial numbers on the metal. This eliminates the need for additional plastic packaging providing the serial number and promotes sustainability through the use of blockchain technology.

Ceratizit highlighted the complexities of connecting multiple machines and existing applications, including the challenges of linking older and newer machines and collecting required data. Using its experience, the discussions emphasised the importance of optimising products using innovative solutions, even in the absence of a significant budget.

What made this experience even more unique was the nature of the meetings on the bus, fostering a cosy atmosphere that enhanced the exchange of ideas.

Goodyear took attendees on a journey into the world of virtual tire testing with the aid of simulators. Participants had the opportunity to experience the testing circuit and explore the software developed by Goodyear for the simulators. The company also presented digital twins of tracks and tires and demonstrated the added value of virtual testing coupled with physical testing. All of this demonstrated the company’s dedication to upgrading testing procedures for enhanced speed, and in a sustainable manner.

Room 42The LHC in cooperation with the University of Luxembourg Competence Centre (ULCC), which both are L-DIH consortium members, presented its state-of-the-art facility and innovative tools available to companies to deter cyber-attacks. Participants explored the Room 42 simulator, a unique concept that enabled participants to respond to cyber-attacks in a controlled environment without real-world consequences and identify areas for improvement to strengthen cybersecurity efforts.

“The factory tours were one of the highlights of the event,” says Lynn Rosa-Andre, Project Coordinator Digital Transformation. “Several presentations by the hosting companies showcased new technologies, and sharing on challenges and related solutions inspired the larger manufacturing community. What made this experience even more unique was the nature of the meetings on the bus, fostering a cosy atmosphere that enhanced the exchange of ideas,” she adds.

In November, a tour of the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology campus in Bascharage is planned. Another exciting DIH trip to the Smart Production Solutions (SPS) Fair in Nuremberg and Siemens’ one-of-a-kind fully digital facility in Amberg is planned for 14 and 15 November.

Photo credit: Luxinnovation

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