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01 Oct 21 > 31 Mar 22

Visit us at the Luxembourg Pavilion at EXPO 2020 DUBAI or get in touch directly


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5 reasons to choose Luxembourg as your European business hub Lire plus

17 > 19 January 2022

HiPEAC Conference

Budapest (Hungary) - Onsite

The HiPEAC conference provides a high-quality forum for computer architects and compiler builders working in the field of high performance computer architecture and compilation for embedded systems, but is also open to general-purpose research which is becoming increasingly relevant to the embedded domain. Lire plus

17 > 23 January 2022

Sustainability Mission

(Abu Dhabi)

Join us in Abu Dhabi from 17 - 23 January 2022 Lire plus

18 > 19 January 2022

EU Missions info days


The Info-Days will present a wide range of new topics for all five missions (Adaptation to Climate Change, Restore our Ocean and Waters by 2030, A Soil Deal for Europe, Cancer and 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart cities by 2030) which are part of the amended Missions’ Work Programme 2021 under Horizon Europe. Lire plus

20 January 2022

HPC Thursday: Using high performance computing: The benefits for your activities


This webinar is the first session of the HPC Thursdays series. It will focus on the benefits that HPC can bring both to business and to research. This session presents the main results and takeaway messages of two different researches, one investigating the motives behind the choice of using HPC in different sectors of activity and the other quantifying the return on investment of each dollar invested in HPC. This session concludes with some HPC use case examples. Lire plus

22 Jan 22 > 27 Jan 21

Healthtech mission Dubai

Dubai World Trade Centre

Come and visit the Luxembourg stand H3.B10 at ArabHealth in Dubai, organised by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce Lire plus

25 > 26 January 2022

14th European Space Conference

Brussels (Belgium) - Onsite

On 25-26 January 2022, the European space domain will gather in Brussels for the 14th European Space Conference, organised by Business Bridge Europe. Lire plus

26 January 2022

Horizon Europe Day 2022


Horizon Europe funds a wide range of R&D and innovation activities open to companies, research centres and citizen associations. Join us to discover new funding opportunities to be released in 2022, learn from the experience of previous participants and explore Horizon Europe themes such as circular economy, health and digital transformation. Lire plus

27 January 2022

Fit 4 Start Day 2022

Take part in an online event with the graduated startups of edition #11 and the selected startups of edition #12! Lire plus

02 February 2022

Eurostars for applicants


Presented by Federica Vitale the webinar will provide applicants with useful information on how to successfully apply for the new Eurostars programme. Lire plus

03 February 2022

HPC Thursday: Introducing supercomputers, and how to use them efficiently


This webinar is the second session of the HPC Thursdays series. It will focus on the basic concepts of a supercomputer, the knowledge needed to use a supercomputer, and how to use a supercomputer efficiently for business or research activities. This session will address some of the fundamental questions that a beginner may have when approaching for the first time to the supercomputing world. Lire plus

13 > 17 February 2022

Gulfood Expo 2020 Dubai


Join the Food and Beverage mission organised by the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce Lire plus

17 February 2022

HPC Thursday: Mimicking reality: The power of virtual simulations


This webinar is the third session of the HPC Thursdays series. It wants to highlight the benefits that simulation at scale can bring to business and research. Across examples that show the benefits of using HPC, the main message is that simulating phenomena at scale brings new behaviour in addition to accuracy and robustness. Lire plus

24 February 2022

NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security

Rotterdam (Netherlands) - Onsite

The NIDV Exhibition Defence and Security (NEDS) is the annual event for the Defence and Security industry and governments in the Netherlands and is organized by the Netherlands Defence and Security Industry Foundation. Lire plus

25 February 2022

La digitalisation dans l'industrie automobile et ses défis


Cette rencontre-conférence se fera en vidéo conférence. Elle est co-organisée par Liège et Luxembourg Creative.  Lire plus

03 March 2022

HPC Thursday: Artificial intelligence and high performance data analytics: Drawing insights from large datasets


This webinar is the fourth session of the HPC Thursdays series. It will explore the advantages that AI can bring upon your business and the basic necessary requirements that a company needs to have in place before doing so: From the role played of the CEO in the adoption of data-driven mechanisms to the minimal technical specification of the system needed to design, test, and validate AI algorithms. Lire plus

17 March 2022

HPC Thursday: HPC for Health


This webinar is the fifth session of the HPC Thursdays series. It will present a HPC use case example in the heath sector highlighting the motivations of choosing HPC and the fundamental role it plays for successful results. Lire plus

29 > 30 March 2022

Results from Road Transport Research in H2020 projects

Brussels - Onsite

2Zero, ERTRAC, CCAM and the European Commission are delighted to invite you to the 5th European-wide conference dedicated to the presentation of results from road transport research in H2020 funded projects - H2020RTR European Conference. Lire plus

07 April 2022

HPC Thursday: HPC for digital history and public administration


This webinar is the sixth session of the HPC Thursdays series. It will present two HPC use case examples, one coming from the digital history domain & one from the public administration. The two use cases will emphasise the crucial role of HPC for achieving the results obtained. Lire plus

21 April 2022

HPC Thursday: HPC for finance


This webinar is the seventh session of the HPC Thursdays series. It will focus on a HPC use case example from the finance sector, where HPC-enabled AI brings new insights. Lire plus

05 May 2022

HPC Thursday: Discover MeluXina: Luxembourg’s unique business-oriented supercomputer


This webinar is the eighth session of the HPC Thursdays series. It will focus on MeluXina’s architecture and technologies, software ecosystem and platform services, as well as look into HPC use cases that will take advantage of the system’s capabilities. LuxProvide is home to the MeluXina supercomputer, built as one of the new generation European supercomputers and part of the EuroHPC network. MeluXina is designed as a modular system to offer world-class HPC, HPDA and AI services for a wide variety of workloads and application domains. Lire plus

08 > 10 June 2022

4e Rencontres Francophones Transport Mobilité (RFTM)

Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg) - Onsite

Conçues comme un lieu de rencontre et d’échanges de la communauté scientifique mondiale dans la continuité des « séminaires francophones de socio-économie des transports », les Rencontres Francophones Transport Mobilité (RFTM) ont pour principaux mots clés « mobilité », « transport », « société », « territoires », « logistique », « environnement », ainsi que leurs interactions Lire plus