Luxinnovation has grown considerably over the past few decades and plays an increasingly important role in supporting the development of the Luxembourg economy. Today, we manage and implement a wide range of activities related to innovation, sustainability and digital transformation.

The aim of our strategy is to align all our activities with a clear, coherent common goal. It also helps the entire Luxinnovation team, as well as our partners, to have a shared understanding of what we should achieve and how to get there.

Our strategy is aligned with the objectives of broader national, European and international strategies. This means that we maximise the synergies between our work and other efforts to develop a competitively sustainable and digital economy through innovation.

When developing the strategy, we chose to involve every single member of staff in the process. This gave our team a real sense of ownership and purpose. It also means that we engage ourselves personally to achieve the strategic objectives set out for 2025.

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