Do you want to combine sustainability with competitiveness?

Lowering your energy consumption, reducing the carbon footprint associated with the commute of your employees and visitors, generating less waste… that’s not only good for the environment, but also saves you money and wins over new customers who will appreciate your approach.

Key figures

  • 1 environmental study (6 months maximum) on one or more themes: carbon audit, energy audit, water audit, life cycle analysis
  • 1 action plan (investments: use of new technologies to improve energy efficiency, installation of renewable energy production facilities, or best practices: company mobility plan, etc.).
  • 70% co-financing (small businesses), 60% (medium-sized businesses) or 50% (large businesses)

Key benefits

  • Personalised recommendations with cost estimates
  • Expertise of independent consultants accredited by Luxinnovation
  • Financial support from the Ministry of the Economy
  • Identification of funding schemes and support from Luxinnovation in implementing recommendations

Who can benefit from Fit 4 Sustainability?

The Fit 4 Sustainability programme is open to all Luxembourg companies, regardless of their size or sector of activity.

To be eligible for Fit 4 Sustainability, companies must:

  • have their registered office in Luxembourg
  • engage in an economic activity as a primary occupation

Join Fit 4 Sustainability

Step 1: Apply
  • Contact Luxinnovation to express your interest.
    We will conduct a pre-analysis of your needs.
  • Choose an accredited consultant and ask for a quotation
  • Fill out the online application form
    We will make sure your application is in line with the Fit 4 Sustainability rules and provide you with a confirmation document.
  • Submit your application form to the Ministry of the Economy, attaching the confirmation document provided by Luxinnovation.
Step 2: Analyse
  • Validate the quotation from your consultant once the Ministry of the Economy has confirmed its approval of your application.
  • Launch the environmental study of your company together with the consultant.
  • Receive your personalised recommendations including an action plan with cost estimates reviewed by Luxinnovation and guidance to suitable aid measures  available from the Ministry of the Economy
  • Request the payment of the public subsidy covering the consultancy costs for the analysis.
Step 3 (optional): Implement
  • Decide what recommendations you would like to implement.
  • Apply for relevant funding for your implementation projects.
    Luxinnovation is available to advise you.
  • Implement your projects.

Accredited consultants