Fit 4 Sustainability helps companies assess and reduce their environmental impact in order to decrease costs, improve their reputation and gain new clients who value a sustainable approach.

Do you want your company to combine sustainability with competitiveness?

Reducing your carbon footprint by optimising your energy use and switching to renewable energy sources, decreasing your water consumption and pollution, and giving your products a circular life cycle that results in almost no waste is beneficial not only for the planet, but also for the profitability of your company.

Key figures

  • 6 months of analysis of your company
  • 1 environmental study to assess the impact of your company
  • 1 action plan with recommendations about investments and improvements
  • 70% of co-funding (small companies), 60% (medium-sized) or 50% (large)

Key benefits

Businesses that are looking to boost their competitiveness through sustainability can benefit from this programme.

  • In-depth assessment of your company’s environmental impact
  • Personalised recommendations with cost estimates
  • Advice from experienced, neutral experts approved by Luxinnovation
  • Financial support from the Ministry of the Economy
  • Guidance to aid measures for the implementation of recommendations

Who can benefit from Fit 4 Sustainability?

The Fit 4 Sustainability programme is open to all Luxembourg companies, regardless of their size and sector of activity.

In order to be eligible for Fit 4 Sustainability, companies must:

  • have their head office in Luxembourg
  • exercise an economic activity as their main line of business

From September 2022, small enterprises will also be eligible for the “SME Packages – Sustainability” programme by the House of Entrepreneurship.

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