The “Fit 4” performance programmes are decision-making tools aimed at helping you increase the competitiveness of your company. Benefit from expert advice and public funding to enhance your performance through digitalisation, innovation and sustainability.


Fit 4 Digital
Digital solutions for optimising your business
Help for SMEs to identify the most suitable IT tools to save time and money and to be more competitive.


Fit 4 Innovation
Boost the performance of your business
Help for SMEs to optimise their daily business operations in order to become more competitive and profitable and to free up resources for innovation.

Fit 4 Innovation – Health Tech Market
Accelerate the market access for your health technologies
Help for SMEs to define their regulatory roadmap to obtain CE marking for their new and innovative medical devices and thus accelerate their launch on the European market.


Fit 4 Sustainability
Ensure your long-term competitiveness
Help for companies to assess and reduce their environmental impact in order to decrease costs, improve their reputation and gain new clients who value a sustainable approach.