We are looking for experienced, specialised consultants who can help companies assess and reduce their environmental impact in order to decrease costs, improve their reputation and gain new clients who value a sustainable approach.

Do you have expertise in the fields of decarbonisation, water use and circular products?

The Fit 4 Sustainability programme is aimed at helping Luxembourg companies of all sizes reduce their carbon footprint by optimising their energy use and switching to renewable energy sources, decrease their water consumption and pollution, raising awareness about the opportunities offered by the sharing economy and making their products more circular according to the “4R” principles (Reuse, Redeploy, Refurbish/Repair and Recycle).

As a Fit 4 Sustainability consultant, you will conduct a detailed analysis of selected companies and produce a tailor-made action plan with recommendations including cost estimates of how they can become more sustainable. In case the companies choose to move ahead with the implementation of their action plans, you can also be called on to support them during the implementation phase.

The consultants are paid by the companies, which are subsidised by the Ministry of the Economy.

Consult the detailed specifications of the Fit 4 Sustainability programme

Key benefits

Eligible Fit 4 Sustainability consultants have to pre pre-approved by Luxinnovation.

  • Exposure as an expert in your field
  • Access to a potential new customer base
  • Participation in a structured programme managed by Luxinnovation
  • Co-funding for companies provided by the Ministry of the Economy

Key figures

  • 6 months for analysis of each participating company
  • 1 environmental study to assess the impact of each participating company
  • 1 action plan with recommendations about investments and improvements
  • 70% of co-funding (small companies), 60% (medium-sized) or 50% (large)

Your skills

  • Energy efficiency/decarbonisation: measure the carbon footprint of companies and their value chains. Methodologies: ISO 14064, etc.
  • Water management: water consumption, water treatment, etc.
  • Circularity: product life cycle analysis. Methodologies: ISO 14040-44, Product Environmental Footprint (PEF), Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF)
  • Capacity to put together tailor-made transformation plans integrating clean technologies
  • Language skills: French and/or German and/or English

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