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Annual Report 2018

The successful economy of tomorrow will be data-driven, smart and sustainable. The Luxembourg government is determined that our country should be a leader in these fields, and Luxinnovation has a key role to play in making this happen.

Marie Curie Individual Fellowships

Health technologies in Luxembourg

Luxembourg Creative Industries Cluster

Happen Magazine Issue #2

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Our job is to act as facilitator for companies or entrepreneurs that are planning to launch cutting edge projects, enhance their performance, or expand their business and innovation partnerships at an international level.


Research, development and innovation funding

Aid schemes under the law of 17 May 2017 relating to the promotion of research, development and innovation

Happen magazine

Succcessful collaborations between companies and research institutes

Annual Report 2016

FOCUS 11 - Surfing the Digital Waves

With its high-performing, secure ICT infrastructure, dynamic economy and well-developed start-up support system, Luxembourg is an attractive location for creative entrepreneurs and innovative companies in the field of digital technologies. In order to make the country’s competitive advantages better known at the international level, Luxinnovation showcases Luxembourg’s progress towards becoming a digital nation in the latest issue of the magazine FOCUS – Research and Innovation in Luxembourg.

European Funding for innovative SMEs

SMEs have specific interests and struggles in common. The European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, also known as Horizon 2020, funds projects involving SMEs by addressing the specificities of smaller companies.This guide’s intention is to give business owners a map to navigate these different opportunities, and make them work for them. You will understand which programmes can fit your company’s needs and ambitions – and which don’t.

Get ready for H2020

The European framework programme for research and innovation, Horizon 2020, offers excellent opportunities to conduct international research projects for both companies and public research organisations, but for those with no or little previous experience, it is often a huge challenge to understand what and how to do in order to apply for funding. Luxembourg’s National Contact Point, managed by Luxinnovation, has published a practical guide describing the step-by-step process to follow from having a project idea to a running EU-funded project.