From 19/05/2020 to 20/05/2020

Online event


This first Cleantech Interactive session, “Innovating for Resilience”, is closely linked to current world events and looks at how innovation can contribute to making our energy, agriculture, industry and resource systems more resistant to extreme occurrences. Three main topics will be explored:

  • Resilience, innovation and investment through the crisis
  • Building resilient energy communities
  • Cities innovating in a time of crisis

The list of speakers notably includes Joost van Oorschot, CEO of Luxembourg-based start-up Maana Electric that uses its proprietary In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU) technologies developed for the space industry to revolutionise the way in which solar panels are produced, on Earth and in space.

Cleantech Interactive goes well beyond the webinar format that most of us have become very familiar with in the past few weeks. In addition to interactive sessions with thought leaders, participants will have dedicated time to set up one-to-one video meetings with innovators, investors, corporates and policy makers. They can also visit leading innovators in the constantly accessible exhibition area.

The virtual format obviously makes it easier for participants to join from any part of the world. The timing of the sessions has been adapted to welcome participants from the Americas and Asia as well as Europe.

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