From 26/01/2021 to 27/01/2021


The Commission is supporting Digital Innovation Hub-like activities since 2012 and since 2016, under the Digitalising European Industry initiative, the Commission has supported the creation of Digital Innovation Hubs. In 2021, the Commission, with the Member States, is gearing up the support to the digitalisation of Europe economy and society. The European Digital Innovation Hubs are the new piece of the puzzle of our industries landscapes and our economy. How they will fit in this landscapes and how the Digital Europe Programme will support them will be at the heart of this conference.

This phygital event will have 4 thematics tracks and one networking track, all online:

  • “the European EDIH ecosystems”,
  • “the Digital Europe Programme”,
  • “Implementing the EDIH initiative”,
  • “a working EDIH”.

Most importantly, the conference will address the future call for the EDIH under the DEP initiatives.

With more than 20 parallel sessions, the EDIH GEARING UP conference provides an opportunity for the different EDIH candidates around Europe and their respective public authority involved in the digitalisation of the economy to share experiences, exchange best practices and discuss the future of EU digital industrial policy. Among them were representatives from Member States and regions, national initiatives for digitalisation, industry, SMEs, academia, Digital Innovation Hubs and research and technology centres. Between keynote speeches and participatory discussions, the event will offered the participant a voice in shaping the future instrument of the Digital Europe Programme.

Come and join us in this phygital conference.

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